Tips For Choosing Winter Pajamas

Hello everyone, I’m here to talk about a piece of clothing that I love to wear on those cold days. I’m talking about women’s winter pajamas, whenever I can, I spend all day in my pajamas at home and I think that’s great!

Even more so with the chill, it’s pajamas, bed, computer or TV!Wonderful! I have at least three different types of winter pajamas and I just do not have it anymore because it would be an exaggeration. I’d rather let one end up buying another.

I have a super flannel sleepwear that are for the really cold days and two other ones that are thinner for normal cold days. The flannel is beige with details in rosinha claro, very cute! The other two have the pants printed and are both pink. Do I like this color?

But not to think that I only have things in pink, I remembered that I also have a winter sweater, with long sleeves and green. She is very nice because she has thin white stripes only on the back of the body.

I also like the pajamas that bring the cartoon characters printed, I always take a look at these big shopping malls, have pajamas with all kinds of characters that we imagine. With SpongeBob, Hello Kitty, Minnie and more.

So girls, to complete the page, I chose some images of pajamas that you can enjoy to complete your look at bedtime!