Tips for Camping on New Year’s Eve, without Stress

Another year is ending and the FuiAcampar has prepared a list of practical tips, special for who goes camping on new year’s Eve! Gives only:

Information and care of coexistence
During the end of year festivities many campsites daily differentiated from normal practice, including many work exclusively with packages. If you’re going camping on new year’s Eve, please contact directly with the campsite you want to camp in order to know the exact amount that will pay, not to have surprises.
Find out about what the profile of the camping you are going. Depending on the location, the city or the proposal of camping you can find very different scenarios. There are campsites that cherish peace and quiet, while others organize new year’s Eve Parties inside the camping space. Inform yourself before camping policy for that period, avoid desagraváveis disorders.
Some campsites offer reservations for this period, while in many other Valley law “who come before takes the best place, or the place you have, if you have”. If you want to avoid problems check the possibility to book your place, but keep an eye on the fact that many times the owners make the reservation, but do not guarantee a good place in the camping. So have a reservation, often (usually) does not mean you have a good place in the camping, means just have somewhere. If you value for a good place, find a way to get it sooner than others.
Know that the end-of-year parties (as well as the Carnival) are usually the peak capacity of campgrounds throughout the Brazil. Probably the camping will be pretty full, this may mean the bathroom queues, power outages, water shortages, nocturnal noises, especially in campsites who do not know or do not respect the maximum capacity supported by your structure. It doesn’t mean that that’s going to happen, but our job is to warn that depending on location, from camping in the city, it can happen! Try not to stress, take an extra dose of patience and short, it’s a holiday and you don’t have schedules to meet. Take cool, you decided to go camping and that means getting out of your comfort zone.
In addition to patience, don’t forget never the rules of coexistence and good neighbourliness.
Follow the rules established by the location, if the camping is more family, don’t do mischief! Live nicely with their neighbors of tent. Give “good morning” to people when you wake up! Play using please, thank the kindness with a “thank you”. Camping is not a city of gray concrete, is a friendly space, coexistence and solidarity.
If you need help setting up the tent, smile and ask for someone who is already with the tent help. If you see someone with difficulties and know how to help, be supportive and offer a helping hand. This is a great way to make new friends …
Live within the camping, make friends, swap experiences and smile! It’s new year’s Eve … a new cycle begins again and who knows the love of your life can be in the tent next door?
In addition to these tips to prevent unnecessary inconvenience to other campers and owners of campsites have prepared also some tips to avoid the inconvenience with your tent.
Basic care with tent
1. put all the espeques of tent and leave her there, Sparky. Put including the espeques of the strings (if it has strings). You never know when it might rain or wind. Be warned and careful with your tent.
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2. If your tent does not have a good waterproofing (over 800 mm of water column), put a tarp over it, but don’t put on the tent (if you don’t, you’re going to roast inside) tie the tarp on the barrack, but at a certain distance, so that the air can circulate.
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3. If you want to put a tarp under the tent, but don’t let her left side to side so that if it does not get water accumulated between the tent and canvas!
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4. At the end of the new year’s Eve do not store your tent wet. If this is inevitable when you get home let it dry and then store!
5. Take care of your tent as if it were your home! After all, that’s what she is!
The message is given.
If you drink don’t drive … use a condom … forget the clock at home … make a lot of pictures …
Enjoy very upset and be happy, that is the thing that is worth it! The rest is bull. ..