Tips for Buying the Right Bra Size

The  underwear is very important in a look, because, as a base, it has the primary function of providing a good support of the body to receive the pieces of clothing. A well-chosen  lingerie can do wonders for your body, such as raising your breasts, holding up your abdomen, and even improving your posture. The  bra  is a very important piece in a production, because with it you can improve the look of a blouse or dress and achieve an enviable look.

Tips for Buying the Right Bra Size

How to Choose a Bra Correctly

But in addition to the beauty of the part and the correct model, you should always choose a bra that is comfortable in your body, and according to, the size of the circumference of the back and the bulge should be appropriate for its size. There are still few brands that invest in bras that have a different size of bust size, but if you look carefully you will find your  perfect bra, as many women do not fit into traditional sizes or have very large breasts and narrow backs, Or on the contrary, have broad backs and small breasts.

A very common mistake women make, especially women with large breasts, is to adjust both the straps of the bra so that the back part ends up rising too much. For these cases the ideal is to get a bra with wide and strong straps, so you can leave the loops in their conventional position(not too tight) and your breasts will be suspended. However, it is always good to remember that bra is not plastic surgery, it does not have the power to”lift” very large and sagging breasts.

The bulge of the bra, whatever the model, should fully accommodate her breast; The bulge can not”cut” a part of her breast, because it will mark under the clothing. The way you wear your bra also influences the end result, you should lean forward a bit, accommodate the breasts in the bum, and fasten the bra closure on the back. If it is difficult to close the bra means that the size is incorrect. And after closing the bra arrange your breasts, placing the hands inside the bulge and bringing the breasts to the center.

The  ideal bra  should not tighten and mark the skin(on the elastics) and should not be too loose, it should stay on your body as if it were a”second skin”, as you hand your elastics, feel them firm, but, Without dialing. And when your bra starts to loose(both on the fabric and on the elastics), change it immediately, as well as not performing your main function, you will still leave your blouse or dress looking sloppy, since the bra’s fabric will be left over And forming folds under the clothes.(Also read How to Dress for a Formal Event).