Tip: Light Jacket Or Windbreaker While Demi-Season

I’ve talked about this piece when I commented this look, but it’s amazing how I’ve seen this kind of clothes in fashion editorials, streetstyle blogs and even on the streets of São Paulo. The truth is that the convenience of light jackets, made with waterproof fabrics, or the jacket windbreaker, that very thin nylon, makes them ideal companions when you don’t know how it will behave.

Nothing like protect your suit that annoying little rain and still keep everything matching!;P

According to threergroup, one of the great advantages of this type of play is your reduced weight doesn’t bother case have to be loaded, in addition to allowing it to be folded and placed inside a purse or Briefcase. We also have to take into account the fact that they are clothes made to protect and not heat, that is, you only pass if heat is very hot, but it will be protected from cold wind and rain bursts or garôa, if the time to suffer an upset.

This model has the court like a blazer, gives even to use it as if it were one, with shirt and tie underneath.

A good indication that these coats are having success are the versions with similar cut the jackets, designed for those who want to use without losing the style or look like that just out of the Academy. Stores likeTNG, Luigi Bertolli, Crawford and even Zegna have something along this line to meet the urban man you want versatility, but don’t want to clash of your work attire.

Until the trench coats has its technological fabrics waterproof versions and more fresh. The intent here is more to protect than heat.

The materials used in these cases range from typical nylontechnological fabrics that are waterproof, more durable and do not knead, one hand on the wheel, but they are also more expensive and usually only found in top brands.

Not the cold or the rain will make you give up skating, isn’t it?

A piece like this is also very suitable for the practice of sports or some sort of pleasure, if you have even better hood, because there is no garôa that bother. Browse more sports models have Slacker modeling to not prevent the movements and are very comfortable. He left Sun? Fold, put in the bag and continue its activities!

In Short:

Increasingly popular these coats are becoming good alternatives in days of climate “complicated”;

Can be worn over the jacket or even replacing it, since the environment attended allow;

Also great for leisure time;

Technological fabrics do not knead, wet, but cost more expensive;

Versions with cut similar to the blazer are getting easier to find, though prices vary;

Very useful to protect from rain the pieces of clothing that are underneath, preserving the suit or that jacket that cost an arm and a leg;

You stay dry and/or protect the intense wind.

The Author’s Opinion:

Beyond practicality, the light jacket or windbreaker nylon are a good investment, a play like that, with decent material and well cared for can last for years and still help preserve their suits, blazers and jackets in those hours that you are required to dispense with the umbrella.