They Patched The Marker of Google Phone to Work on Any Android

When a few days ago collected the best phone dialer applications commented that only Google phone dialer is officially available for phones Pixel, Nexus, Android One, and Google Play Edition. Even if you download the APK, the installation fails in the majority of cases.

As it could not be otherwise, someone in the community of XDA has been commissioned to modify the application so that it can be installed in any Android phone with Android Marshmallow or higher. Is not the first or the only way to have Google phone running on your mobile from other brand, but one of the easiest as does not require flashing.

Installed and gives permissions

First of all, Download the APK from the link available on the XDA forums. Installs the application normally – remember, unknown – you must have marked the origins and open it. Input it will see all basically empty, because you need to give the corresponding permissions to make calls and read contacts.

ToCA Activate on the tab favorite to load your contacts, and returns to tpcar to activate again on the tab History to show your call history. Other permits as the location are optional.

The application of telephone has worked properly in my tests with a phone Samsung with Marshmallow. The only thing that does not work, according to the author of the patched version, is the caller ID, a Google service that tries to recognize known numbers and show you the company to which they belong. Even so, you still seeing who calls you… If you have the number in your contacts, as always.