They Do Successful Men’s Clutches

On some occasions it may seem exaggerated to get out of the House with a backpack or a bulky purse, when all we need is a tablet, smartphone, cards, keys and a few bucks, maybe by this simplification of our everyday tools that the men’s clutches, known in 70 years (your height) as thugs, are increasingly present in fashion editorials, websites of streetstyle and parades from various international menswear brands as Bottega Veneta , Gucci (fot) and Louis Vuitton.

According to baglib, the men clutch has variable format: some look like a folder of documents, others are more similar to women’s handbags, not much bigger than an envelope of letter, but thicker. The first type will very well so that it is not part of the iPad or ultrabook, among other things, the second is for those who take only a cell phone, keys, or even a handheld game for the moments of boredom.

If the small size is a point in favour for those who don’t have a lot to carry, is also a counter point: I still remember the many times my father, at the end of the years 70, tossing every corner desperate for losing your dear bully, because, unlike a backpack or postman, theclutch is not male pinned to the body all the time , being common place le over countertops, tables and benches of cab, you know, the forgotten live taking scares, when, at best, do not take losses.

There are 3 or 4 decades the men’s clutches were invariably of leather or similar material, today, in addition to the traditional materials there are models in canvas, denim, felt and even plastic, just to name a few variations, getting easier to find one that fits in your style or even, if necessary, acquire more than one, ensuring the use of a clutch to work or ride that can be more casual and one for events like formal parties require a material more refined and sophisticated design.