The Vintage Lingerie for Brides

The vintage trend is on the rise and if your wedding will have this style, do not forget one important detail: your lingerie.

Here are some ideas.

To make you feel gorgeous on your wedding day, there is nothing better than matching your dress in a decent underwear for the occasion.If your wedding will be romantic with a touch of grandma’s times, see how to match your inner figure with style.

First of all, choose the dress. The underwear should be appropriate for the cut, model and color of the wedding dress. When deciding on lingerie , try a dress with your dress to see if it is not transparent. And you can get more information from

Will the wedding be vintage ?Reflect this in every detail, including the hidden look that only the beloved will see.A good idea is to wear a corset.In addition to being sexy and feminine, it will enhance your body by keeping everything in place.

You can also opt for a two piece set.Designs in colors like baby pink and ivory are good options for the vintage look.Lace also fits very well with style, and can be adhered to, both in dress and underwear.

Lingeries with delicate embroidery and other elements (such as crystal details) can be inspiration for this type of wedding.There are pieces with draped fabric that give a stylish and sensual touch to the look.

Do not forget to try the set to make sure it’s comfortable and you feel like you’re not wearing it on the big day, without worrying about adjusting it all the time.

Remember that you will dance, walk, move a lot during the wedding for several hours.Therefore, convenience is a priority in the underwear you choose.

Use these tips to get the perfect lingerie for you. It will be a drag!