The Trend in the World of Jewelry

Past Carnival, Brazil is already beginning to prepare to leave behind the heat and everything that involves the hottest season of the year (Beach, light clothes, air conditioning, etc). Will end daylight saving time for a short time after we welcome autumn/winter season. With it comes also the trend – or at least the attempt – of people dress better and capricharem a little more style.

But don’t confuse, the Blog of the Vecchio Jewelers is not speaking here only of clothes, of course. As its name says, a “trend” indicates the main traits, aspects and motes that stylists and designers should follow in the coming months. These values reflect primarily in clothing, but also indicate the direction that the accessories should adopt during the season according to homethodology.

Therefore, the jewelry also take based on those indications for which they do not cut the visual harmony.

What is high?

Some trends of the past must return with a vengeance in the fall/winter 2012, although they come with fresh air and redesigned. So, dear readers, get ready to see a lot of brightness and color, especially in shades of Red, Green, Blue and Brown. These colors, however, must be neutralized by the black, gray, lead, gold and copper, old but will be noticeable and frequent in various jewelry.

Another feature that should remain in high fashion maxi. That’s because the main jewelry designers prepared pieces with larger dimensions to minimize the impact of the garment in women. With this we can expect large rings tailings and long earrings in various formats, like flowers, butterflies and geometric figures. Nothing of minimalism.

Some materials like velvet, lace, Gold and Swarovski should emerge in these months that are considered the most chic and stylish of the year. To shoot during the day, the designers indicate pearls, flowers and even tribal and ethnic elements to complement the visual.

Never forget, however, to adjust the sets to your own style and your personality. It ain’t no use to follow the standards dictated by fashion designers if they do not represent well the your essence. In this case, follow common sense and adopt the motto “My fashion I who do”.