The Old States of WhatsApp Are Back in The Beta, But Hidden

By: camillebrion

WhatsApp new States are very modern and Visual, but not just convince everyone: more than one he misses his old States of text announcing that they are available, busy, with low battery or simply Hey, I am using WhatsApp! So much so, that WhatsApp has been forced to consider and announce that the old States again.

And they have already become. At least in a first version, still hidden for users but that you can activate and try for yourself by making use of the WATweaks tool. We have tested them and we tell you how they work – again – life WhatsApp States, text.

My about

WhatsApp still hasn’t decided how to call the old States of the application, but what is clear is that States are not also called to avoid confusion. Multiple names you have considered these days: tagline, info and about. For now, the latest beta of WhatsApp latter uses, My about, that it could be translated as “about me”.

It should be remembered that this is a first version and the final result could and probably will vary. For now, the old States behave basically the same than before. I.e. you can choose them from the menu of options of WhatsApp, choosing My About.

Another way to achieve the same is from the settings of WhatsApp, then playing in your name (which, by the way, now also shows your status under new). The result is the same, the old window to write a text.

Moreover, the old States of WhatsApp they are such which were once. Now are also shown in the window for the selection of contacts when you start a new chat, and expanded information. For now it does not appear in the floating minifichas appearing by touching on the chat list profile picture.

So, if you are of those who miss life WhatsApp States, you turn off the torch, saves straw rakes and get ready, because they will go back very soon. As soon as WhatsApp will decide on what name to put them.

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