The Nokia N97 Mini

Smaller but also finer?
The Nokia N97 should be the new miracle mobile phone from Nokia, but not only I was rather disappointed than enthusiastic. As a result Nokia has relatively quickly nested the N97 and pushed a new version, the Nokia N97 mini . This is almost the small brother of the N97 with small dimensions, less memory, a smaller display and an improved keyboard. Since I honestly did not want to do a complete product test with the Nokia N97 mini, I have the N97 mini snapped, times held in my hand and my impressions. Above all, I would like to answer the question whether the N97 or the N97 mini is the better choice.
The differences (N97 mini versus N97):

Compact: 113 x 52.5 x 14.2 mm, 75 cm³ opposite 117.2 x 55.3 x 15.9 mm, 88 cm³

Lighter: 138 g compared to 150 g

Smaller display: 3.2 inches versus 3.5 inches

Less memory: 8 GB vs. 32 GB

Less power: 1200 mAh compared to 1500 mAh

No protection of the photolysis

No FM transmitter

No D-pad, but arrow buttons

The display is smaller than the N97, but still resistive (no multitouch). The resolution of 640 x 360 pixels remained the same, which of course on the smaller display looks much sharper.The three-row QWERTY keyboard is slightly better at the pressure point, but there is no D-Pad anymore, only arrow buttons. The depperte empty key position has unfortunately remained. The 5-megapixel camera is still available with the dual-LED flash and with 30 frames per second you can record videos. With only 8 GB of memory you can store a few MP3s, if the space is not enough, one should expand with microSD card up to 16 GB. Radio is also there. The connectivity is only mediocre with HSPDA, WLAN, GPS and Bluetooth.Here I would have wanted with HSPA, which results in small ping times. Of course, the Nokia N97 also has a TV-out and a 3.5 mm jack.

Like a Nokia N97 that was washed too hot, the N97 mini looks. Small and slim, it is in the hand and can be enjoyed, even in the trouser pocket. Here the Nokia N97 is simply too big, too fat, too massive and too heavy. What just 12 grams can make is remarkable. The display with the resistive touchscreen is still a little too slow, too lash in the implementation of the finger commands and that although the free memory in the current firmware version has increased significantly. Also, the display remains plastic, no comparison to a capacitive glass display. This is just bad. The “desktop” is, in my opinion, overloaded and overloaded with too much information, I like rather the simpler desktop after the motto “less is more”.

When surfing, you notice clearly that here only HSDPA with 3.6 Mbit werkeln, on the one hand because the UMTS network can finally be controlled with 7.2 Mbit and on the other hand, the ping times are grottig and that together with the browser does not really fun. Other smart phones are significantly better and faster. Even if the data arrived via WLAN, one notices that the bottleneck of the surfing is in the device. The battery I have in the short test phase can not really try and test, but I have to say that this together with the relatively large display fast flaps, just when GPS, WLAN and UMTS are used. Here, values ​​of less than one day are to be combined.

In short, it is worth mentioning
that Nokia has pushed a new version as fast as the non-success of the N97 on the horizon.Also, it is understandable that not much has changed much compared to the N97, it has only become smaller. I’m not really excited by the Nokia N97 mini , because in 2010 this is not a very good smartphone, it is only mediocre.