The Nokia E71

Experiences with a smartphone
Knowing that the Nokia E71 has already been tested here, I still write a “long-term report”, because a lot is noticeable only when one lives with the devices and uses them permanently.When it came out again, I had to have it. That is why there was no if and when, however, when my contract extension came. There was no way of negotiating, but that does not belong here either. I needed a cell phone with which I could go online and the iPhone was pretty, but I did not want to touch the touch screen at that time. So E71-get it, recharge it and go.And at first everything went smoothly. When the online flat rate was finally unlocked, I was the happiest person on this planet. I could put it on a monthly basis only to everyone’s heart and friends who have it, but do not use it online, are still enthusiastic about the device.
The design & the keyboard
“Oh, you have a BlackBerry?” This similarity was also described by Joerg Pittermann. Equipped with a QWERTY keyboard, it looks like a BlackBerry at first sight and stands out optically high-quality and noble from many other mobile phones. Also, many think first that the keyboard is much too small. She is not. You get used to it quickly and can write “almost blind” soon. And I honestly have to say that the small keys grew very quickly, because they offered exactly the right resistance.

The battery
The battery was very good. Although I was really a lot of online, and between there was also a lot of phone calls, it was usually enough to close the battery every second night to the charger.A very clear advantage of this phone and something that many other manufacturers should check out. On vacation he held almost 6 days!

The camera
Sometimes photos were not in the best conditions (light,…), but there are a lot of photos, which I would not have trusted the camera, very good. Lightning back and forth, it is not a professional camera, of course you could forget them at night, but I honestly find that you have to leave the church in the village.

The music
Here plays the music and here she played well. I have loaded them mostly via Bluetooth of all possible devices to the mobile phone, without problems. A clear advantage over the iPhone, for example, which can not be connected without problems to any computer and adds to the music database. Also the radio worked perfectly, but the headphones did not last very long.

Nokia Maps In the
beginning Nokia Maps was still free and I just new in Hamburg. Conclusion: the thing was more frequently in the employment. It talked with one and made its thing better than GoogleMaps. Since I was not dependent on it later, I did not even consider paying for it.

The email program
At the beginning I used the Nokia mail program, later I changed to the Gmail app, which worked much better. It bothered me with the email program, that on the mobile phone read enamels in the mailbox online later still unread and the output was not synchronized correctly. With Gmail it worked much better.

The Internet
The Internet was admitted mostly slow. Even though at this point E-Plus sits in the boat.With the iPhone, I notice that it is much faster there. Watching YouTube videos was by the way unimaginable at the E71.

The apps
There are some good apps, but I could not start with the Twitter client “Twibble” for example. Total disaster-point. So I limited myself to the above Gmail app, GoogleMaps and the BahnApp.

The Software
At first, the software was really excellent. Somehow she began to stall. Calls could no longer hang up, one pressed 20 times the red handset and nothing happened. Or one tried to go to the Internet and suddenly stuck the browser and finished. There was nothing to do but turn the phone off and on again. First it happened only once in a while, then somehow weekly and at some point I had it twice daily. Until I could not switch off any longer, or the button, with which one can also control the different profiles, no longer responded. Next, the camera did not show a picture anymore and it ended with complete lack of reception. Now it’s E-Plus to fix it.

Conclusion In conclusion
I can say to the E71, that it is wonderful to tapping, longer texts are not a pain. A mobile phone, with which one is gladly however it is not. That is why I regret my choice of then also a little, on the other hand, the mobile phone was really very sturdy and has passed a few flight attempts (which ended up on the road or the ground) without further. Besides, it shines naturally with the simple operation, as Nokia remains faithful as a result. The E71 is more like a “work handy” than one that can be used here and there for online stuff and entertainment.

It was probably a kind of “hate love” because even though I thought it was all but nothing as I wanted it, it was always there and still held a remarkable time even in the “Battery low” status.

Now I’m testing the Nokia E72, which immediately surprised me and at first glance shows clear progress against its predecessor. We remain curious, the report is, of course, here.