The Nokia 2730 Classic

Mobile phones for under 100 euros
Not only Sven tests mobile phones in the low- to mid-budget range, but I also;-). However, this time it is neither a smartphone nor an extravagant feature phone, but only a simple mobile phone from Nokia for the somewhat more demanding, but quite price-sensitive user.And because Nokia in this area is still a strong brand, I’ve looked at the time the beginner UMTS model from the Finns-the Nokia 2730 classic. The 2000 series of Nokia is with a price range around the 100 euro already somewhat over the cheaper 1000 series, which is usually only the absolute starter model, but now the starter models with color display to get, therefore the 2000er series with UMTS and A higher-resolution screen.
The Nokia 2730 classic actually has everything you should expect from a base phone in 2010.Quadband and UMTS make the mobile phone a globetrotter. There are still Nokia Life Tools and Ovi Mail, the apps of which Nokia just in the area of ​​the emerging market still promises an additional yield. A browser is also found. The two-inch display with 320 x 240 pixels resolves very clearly and clearly from other mobile phones in the price class already clearly, here are sometimes even smaller resolutions the rule. Unfortunately, the edge around the 2-inch display is a bit too big, here the mobile phone looks more like a toy, than as a “real” mobile phone. In addition, there is an MP3 player with an expandable memory card, an FM radio and a 3.5 mm jack for standardized headphones. The 2-megapixel camera with video functions completes this offer. In addition to the mentioned Ovi Mail and Nokia Lifetool Apps, of course, other Java applications can be installed. Bluetooth and micro-USB cables are available for transfer from the computer to the computer.

The form factor of the Nokia 2730 classic corresponds to a classic “barren handy” -available in dark magenta or black, and you can get more from chicrandolph. The keyboard is now almost the same as Nokia, a keyboard mat, which offers sufficiently large keys with a half-comfortable pressure point. Visually, the Nokia is more oriented to the big brother 6700, but here with the small counterpart is only plastic and chrome used to maintain the appearance. So you get the feeling of a toy train. The processing of the Nokia however, has become better in the meantime, thanks to the back, which is only complete as an Akkudeckel is, the mobile feels quite solid. The plastic is half-worthy and so it makes a good impression. The battery comes with good power supply also times four or five days, with more telephony it can be empty also after two days, just in the UMTS net.

All in all, the Nokia 2730 classic is a worthy representative in the under 100 euro class and thanks to the MP3 player and Ovi-Mail is well worth considering taking it as a “jogging handy” simply times.