The Nokia 1208

Initial handy with color display
After all the expensive things that I have tested, I would also like to take a look at my roots and test mobile phones or gadgets that do not cost a lot of money directly. Here I already had quite a considerable number of these in the hands and my interest not only the expensive mobile phones valid, but also the cheap mobile phones, which can simply the function SMS and telephony best. And so today there’s even a review by an improved version of the Nokia 1200, which I tested ever at the end of last year did . What is to improve on the Nokia 1208 , if the conclusion of the Nokia 1200 was as follows? Conclusion: The Nokia is for those who want to use the mobile phone to make phone calls and not always want to think about recharging all naselang ans. More I have not expected from the mobile phone, and I also no longer for the price suspects. Since the Nokia but its main job is very good, it is a clear recommendation. 
The technical data are quickly listed:

Network Standard: Dual Band (900/1800)

Display: CSTN color display with a resolution of 96 x 68 pixels and 65,536 colors

Interface: Headset connection: Nokia 2.5mm AV connector

Internal memory: Up to 4 MB of shared memory

Messaging: Extra SMS messages

Memory: for up to 60 SMS messages

Support: for picture messages (via SMS)

Power supply: 700 mAh, Li-Ion

Standby time: up to 365 hours

Talk time: up to 7 hours

Dimensions: (WxHxD) 102 x 44.1 x 17.5 mm; Weight: 77 g

And the scope of delivery is even faster:

Nokia standard battery BL-5CA

Nokia Standard Charger AC-3E

operation manual

With a mobile phone with so few features, it would be idle to write something to every point, so I summarize the same strengths and weaknesses as the predecessor, the Nokia 1200.

Strengths After the mobile phone only appeals to the people who want to use it because of its simplicity, the feature list is pleasantly short: telephoning, SMS, time, stopwatch, countdown counter, calendar with reminder function and flashlight. The design is like the Nokia 1200 pleasantly small and compact, perhaps for a mobile phone in 2009 a little thick, but it is good in the hand and also the plastic makes haptically something, it does not feel as cheap as Many other phones in this price class. It is also pleasantly light. That the display is equipped with 65,536 colors, would not necessarily be necessary, but Nokia would like to stop the color display, probably to make the mobile phone appear higher and possibly because the market so demands. In addition, there is a resolution, which would actually trigger a mobile phone with WVGA display a laugh. You can log in to know more information.

The color display can be read relatively well under almost all circumstances, provided that the resolution does not get a headache, but in the bright sunlight I would prefer the black and white display of the 1200. The keyboard is like the 1200 made of rubber and has proven to me very much, especially I would like to emphasize at this point that the phone is also extremely robust together with the keyboard. The service is-as with all Nokias-pleasant and almost self-explanatory. The voice quality can convince, in my “reference funkloch” there are relatively few problems. The standby time with the 700 mAH battery is sufficiently good, however, the color display must be considered here, that sometimes needs more current than a b / w display. But I find a good week.

Compared to the predecessor, there is an FM radio, the matching headset is included to operate the radio.

Weaknesses has the mobile phone considering the prices actually no real-except the color screen and the dimensions of the mobile phone. But you can not have it all.

Basically, the Nokia 1208 is a nice upgrade compared to the 1200th The pixelated color display is not necessary (in my opinion) but if it is nice, then is synonymous OK. And so I am happy to have found a new holiday handy that can come at least in Europe, if it gets a little rough again.