The New States of WhatsApp Come to Android: What They Are, What Serve and More Questions

By: camillebrion

We have been hearing of the new States of WhatsApp months ago and yesterday were finally presented at society in the official blog of the application. The new States ‘ to the Snapchat’ are now activating around the world, coinciding with the eighth birthday of the next WhatsApp February 24.

Have opened WhatsApp and you’ve found yourself a subtle change in the login window, and do not have much idea of what happened? Don’t worry, in fact the change is not so radical and in this article you will find the answers to all your questions about the topic.

How are they activated?

WhatsApp States take weeks and months in the application code, but now is when WhatsApp is activating them from the server-side. The best way to get them is to have patience and wait for him to touch, but if patience is not the largest of your virtues, you have time, and root, You can activate them already same with WATweaks.

If you don’t have your phone rooted or much experience with the subject, I do not recommend do it for this reason. New States will appear in your WhatsApp sooner rather that later, so it is not worth so much mess with the phone.

What are?

The new States of WhatsApp is basically that, States. More or less. The truth is that the easiest way to describe them is to say that they are like the stories of Snapchat / Instagram / Facebook: collections of images that self-destruct 24 hours later, and in which you can draw, add text and stickers.

The idea is that, instead of having a perennial text saying that “Hey there, I’m using WhatsApp” or the latest clever phrase that occurred to you, share in a way more graphics, visual and, above all, constant, What happened during your day. That delicious Burger, that selfie that you need to share with the world, that video commenting on the latest anecdote… the possibilities are enormous.

Who can see this?

The privacy settings the State is similar to which they had before, but with more precision. With the text States, WhatsApp allowed you to choose between the following recipients from privacy options: All the world, your contacts or anyone. In the new States, the options to choose are your contacts, your contacts saved… and share only with…

The two latest configurations open a window of selection of contacts with which you can choose those who ocultarás or exclusive show your statements, respectively. Taking into account that anyone can add you taking your phone on WhatsApp, and similarly you can have “your contacts” a lot of people who really don’t you import, probably the last option, “just a show”, is the most sensible.

I know who has seen my States?

Yes. As in Instagram Stories and so many others, have some basic statistics about how your publications are paying. Playing in the graph at the bottom – which shows the view – displays a panel indicating who have seen your post. From this same panel also you can resend the image or video to another person.

What happens with the States of text?

Unfortunately, it seems that text States have disappeared completely whatsapp to make way for its new purely multimedia version. If you just wanted to share a text and to stay there forever, and you can’t. Things of ‘progress’.

Now where are my contacts?

If you are having a strange sense that something has changed in the main window of WhatsApp but you’re not sure what it is because it has been. Are still three tabs, but two of them have changed their site, added a camera and replaced again. The Contacts tab disappears, leaving your hollow for the new States tab.

How can you see as your list of contacts, the old-fashioned? With the floating button. You’ll find one in each tab:

  • Calls: It shows you the list of contacts, but you can not see their States or their profiles.
  • Chats: It shows you the list of contacts with their States of text.
  • States: in this case, the button simply launches the camera to create a new State of photo / video.

If you were like a stalkear to your list of contacts touching on their profile image to open the small file of information, now you have it a little more difficult, because this tab only displays from the chat list or in the search, not from the floating button.

Do I need to use this?

No, absolutely not. WhatsApp is not the first nor will it be the last application of messaging to include this type of functions. LINE, for example, has for years with a small section called Timeline where you can publish, if you want, whatever you want. WhatsApp will be similar.

If you want, you will use it, and if you’re not using WhatsApp as until now. What is clear is that with so many applications fighting for that share your ephemeral content in them, you will not be able to supply them all without losing most of the day.

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