The Most Common Makeup Mistakes

Too much powder, the wrong Foundation and, and, and… We will show you the 15 most common makeup mistakes and reveal how to avoid them

There are many small fall in make-up

To strongly emphasize the eyebrows

Too dark and too vigorously painted brewing work hard and unnatural. Important for a harmonious look: intensify just the momentum of brewing with brow pencil or powder or small gaps. The main hair color determines the hue – lighter, more delicate. Soft beige and brown tones are ideal. Mocha or dark grey suit only to black hair. Jessica Alba here reveals the best eyebrow trick according to

In the base of the hair or eyebrows distribute makeup

Makeup gives us the perfect complexion. Unkempt, it works but if it ends up in your hair. Tip: Use a special makeup brush to apply the Foundation, you can distribute the color precise and very fine distributed to risky areas. Blur may still with cotton swab.

Apply powder too thick

Powder matte finish and gives a velvety look. But: Too much emphasizes wrinkles and gives a maskenhaftes Geisha face. For normal skin it, the T-line – is enough to pollinate so forehead and nose-and with a thick, clean brush generously to distribute.

Cover wrinkles with Foundation

Makeup refreshes the complexion and reduces redness and blemishes. On the other hand, it strengthens wrinkles because settle the color pigments in it. What helps? The Foundation in the critical area applying extra thin. Meanwhile, there’s also anti-aging-make-ups, which make the unpopular lines with microspheres or shine particles as soft drawn.

Shaky eyeliner

…Weil it should go again quickly. So it works better: the elbow rest and go with the eyeliner from the inside to the middle of the lid. Then apply from outside. Or equal to Kajal take-his softer line forgiving small slips. How to get the most out of the eye liner, we tell you here.

Übrigens: with these makeup tricks you make-up is instantly younger!

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