The Manufacturers That Sell Smartphones in Brazil

More than half of handsets sold in the country are manufactured by Samsung, according to report

We know that Samsung and Apple dominate the smartphone market, accounting  for a third of all handsets sold worldwide. It’s in Brazil? The consultants make phone sales reports in the domestic market, but the numbers are not disclosed to the press and are restricted to customers, such as manufacturers and operators, by contractual issues.

To quench our curiosity, we sometimes have access to updated figures.

According to a report obtained from Porto Seguro, Samsung continues in isolated leadership: more than half (50.3%) of all smartphones sold in the country are manufactured by the company. Koreans are especially successful in the Brazilian market – the global scenario, Samsung has only one – fifth of sales share, and its share has been declining every year.

The figures for December 2015, based on a study of GfK, are as follows:

  1. Samsung(50.3%)
  2. Motorola(17.8%)
  3. LG(12.2%)
  4. Apple(5.0%)
  5. Alcatel(4.6%)
  6. Microsoft(2.4%)
  7. Others(7.7%)

Samsung has nearly triple the sales of second – place Motorola, representing 17.8% of the market. Motorola had surpassed LG in Brazil in 2014, according to IDC, driven by good acceptance of the Moto G, which became the best – selling smartphone in the country.

Interestingly, Apple, which sells only expensive smartphones in Brazil, ranks fourth with 5% of sales. Currently, the device more account marketed directly by the company is the iPhone 6, which part of R $ 3,199. In the national retail can still find remnants of the stock of iPhone 5s, which can cost R $ 1799 in promotions.

The apple is in front of Alcatel and Microsoft, who get much of their income from input devices or intermediaries. It draws attention to Microsoft’s fall: in 2010, in the golden days when Nokia was still called Nokia and was not bought by the Redmond giant, the Finns were responsible for 54.4% of smartphones sold in the country.

Sought by our site, Samsung and Microsoft said they do not comment on sales figures. LG did not want to talk about numbers, but said it “hopes to achieve leadership in the smartphone market in Brazil.” GfK says that does not disclose its market share reports due to confidentiality clauses. Motorola, Alcatel and Apple had not responded to in the last update of this text.

Updated on 07/04 at 8:52 a.m. . GfK strengthened in note of clarification that does not disclose the numbers cited in the text, and the data is confidential. This is the statement in full:

“By virtue of article published on Monday (4) on the Brazilian market for smartphones, GfK states that in no case or under any circumstances, disclose the content related to the market share of any of the brands of various categories of products has its actual sales monitored by the company.

Recognized internationally for reliability and accuracy of market information that marketing to the various sectors of industry and retail durable goods, GfK also states that the information contained in the reports produced by the company are strictly confidential and protected by contractual clauses.

GfK also clarifies that only recognizes the authenticity of the information disclosed through its marketing department, their respective press office and sources officially accredited by the company. ”