The Look Right: Valued For Jacket

Five pieces deprived, if combined, can yield a visual. The fashion is like that: in a few hours we want to do something convoluted and complex, in other the simplicity sets the tone and the style speaks louder, especially when one piece stands out without need for effort. This week’s look fits perfectly on the second option.

Why does it work?

Parts aligned, simple and discreet fully tune form a cohesive visual, where the trim is the fundamental factor: the knitted sweater set, the tailor dry pants, but not glued to the body and the classic bomber jacket model with correct cutting stands out forming a combo that gives no margin for error. Suede boots and matching belt comes to close with a flourish.

For those who care about color combinations and fear make a mistake, here’s an example of that neutral colors together are a safe choice and suitable for the station, keeping the focal point at the top.


A Brown scarf just thrown on the neck, just tie a knot if the temperature actually falling. Think of a white shirt with a black tie for a visual work.

It wouldn’t be the same if …

We replaced the tailoring pants for a pair of jeans, as would a bit of seriousness and elegance of the look.

In short:

  • When the pieces are simple, pay attention to the style and invest in trim;
  • Is unsafe at the time of matching colors? Try to use only neutral tones;
  • Wear shoes and accessories that comply with the climate of this look;
  • Great costume for anyone who has a scarf always hand, the accessory is perfect here;
  • Shirt and tie mount a combo to work, think about it;
  • Here the jeans is not the ideal solution, stay in wool slacks for a more elegant result.

Additional tips

For fat-care in time to use the jacket closed, she can select the region of the stomach;

For short–as always the resulting contrast silhouette from the top and the bottom can shorten your trunk, so it is advisable to use a darker jacket with zipper closed until the beginning of the chest, especially your face.

For the very high-use the jacket open and if you can invest in contrast also in shoes and belt, a lighter color can be the solution to flatten the silhouette in a way beneficial to your body type.