The Look Right: Using A Suit Casually

Creativity is a key element for the man with style, your ability to rethink his wardrobe, breaking paradigms and innovate is what makes it really admired. The look we have chosen as an example this week shows very well how those who do not hold on to old concepts can interesting results.

Why does it work?

The suit (actually a costume, do you have the vest) in light colors like this mixed grey, looks really good in daylight situations which already give a certain advantage to it, since the leaves on the way to the accident, but the big move of the author’s look was insert in combination – who by then was extremely casual t-shirt – neutral and young by getting a result completely relaxed. Taking advantage of the mood he even added a belt which gives an even more irreverent touch to the combo, very well complemented by this traditional wristwatch, the POA scarf in your pocket and your glasses Wayfarer type. The sleeves slightly strengthen the cool character’s look.


A shoe or moccasin type, to radicalize and following the trend, white shoes and clean.

It wouldn’t be the same if…

We replaced the shirt for a shirt, because we’d be back to the traditional social visual. It’s also good to reinforce that the usual color influenced much, if it was darker effect has not so good.

In short:

  • Rethink your wardrobe always to add creativity and irreverence to looks;
  • Classic pieces can gain new impetus if combined with modern items;
  • Light suits are great for daytime events;
  • A striped shirt and a casual belt changed completely the serious tone of the suit;
  • Since you broke the rules, use neutral accessories to avoid exaggerations;
  • The t-shirt makes room for a casual shoe or even the beloved white sneakers;

Additional tips

For fat-despite the horizontal stripes, the jacket helps cut the effect that harms you, so you can wear this outfit without his moods. Just rethink the belt, he might bring the look to your abdomen and you might not want that.

For short people-a shoes with thick soles in tom next to the suit helps elongate the silhouette, moreover, the finest costume lapel slim fit creates a long line on the back that suits you.

For the altões-the jacket open helps make you look like a monolith, the glasses and the scarf are strategic, they draw attention to your face, but the belt may not be a good call too much attention to your stomach. A suit with traditional cutting is more suitable if you have broad shoulders and want to keep the aspect ratio.