The Look Right: Trench Coat In Place Of Blazer

Choose an outfit for work in winter is a dilemma for many people, using many pieces can be impractical and uncomfortable, as if the temperature increase sharply are required to carry arms coats, blazers and knitwear, and this volume set too much to put in a purse.

According to thedresswizard, a good choice for this season is to make the jacket at home and dress in your place a trench coat short. The classic jacket has style and sobriety enough to pair with a nice shirt and a bold tie, protecting during the cold but not turn into a heap of suffocating clothes. If you make a little heat it can still quietly being carried in a backpack or purse and if you hit the extreme cold just close the coat and wrap the neck with a scarf not to roughing it.

The combo with tailoring pants and shirt+tie social duo manages to keep a professional air without giving up the tranquility of knowing that the weather won’t. The ideal footwear for monitor in this case is the shoe, be it social, as an oxford black, or casual, like a derby brogue in dark brown suede or a loafer black, in fact it is appropriate to weigh in this equation the your desktop, the more conservative, more advise using the first option, if it is otherwise, it can be a good idea to embrace the world. The belt must be sober, regardless of the chosen footwear.

Note: if the cold is too intense, you can choose a longer coat and heavy, but it will compromise your comfort and mobility, so be prepared for that.

Note 2: this combination also serves to walk, changing his pants in tailoring for a jeans and opting for a casual shoe or a minimalist shoes, the tie is your choice, you can keep it or leave it at home.