The Look Right: Double Contrasting Jeans

The combinations with two parts, also known as double denim jeans, can work as long as you follow a few rules or, oddly enough, can also do not follow any! In many cases two completely contrasting items has a good chance of working well, as we will see below:

Why does it work?

The choice of dark jeans to the bottom was accurate, the play did the times of a pair Twill marine and became neutral when placed next to denim shirt of course, contrary to the rule that to combine two parts jeans have that have a characteristic in common and one that differentiate. In fact, as you can see, there is nothing in common in both parts, except the fact that share the same fabric.

The choice of shoes was quite interesting, because it is not a model of white canvas and Yes off white, that I judge a good option for anyone who considers the very white “on”.

The steel Sports Watch has everything to do with the look and complements very well the visual, as well as the bracelets that lend a more casual air to combinations. The wayfarer sunglasses need no comments, it’s hard to miss when you’re with them.


wear a boot like chelsea or even a desert boot to the slightly colder days, both can be of suede or nubuck and work well in a half season.

It wouldn’t be the same if…

We had two pieces of similar colors, light pants would look a little overwhelmed and dark jeans might work, but not everyone would depend on a bit of your body type.

In short:

  • Combine with jeans jeans until can follow rules, but your intuition and common sense still worth much;
  • Contrasting jeans work well, especially if the pants are very dark;
  • Off white shoes are an interesting alternative for those who do not enjoy the White;
  • Bracelets, a good watch with steel bracelet and the sunglasses wayfarer help combo not be very simple;
  • Mid-cut boots can replace the tennis a little more cold days;
  • Watch out for combinções only with light jeans, they often carry the visual too.

Final tip for who is quietly: the shirt is too long for you, choose a model a little shorter to stretch your legs.