The Look Right: Bow Ties And Sweater

It’s amazing the power that an accessory can have! Normally a look like that I don’t call attention, but the introduction of the bow tie of poá was so interesting and simple that I didn’t think twice about introducing this outfit as an example for this week.

Why does it work?

Visual simple and discreet could get boring, but small attitudes have given life to composition. It is undeniable that the bow tie is the first one, the accessory brought lightness and casualness that combination, plus we have the shirt which in this case is more interesting than a flat piece, since we have the conservative sweater and simple. the set of colors is also interesting, with cold tones and the junction of the blue with this tone of pants that are between one green and one Brown opaque, interestingly the same combination of the bottom of the photo.

Another plus point is that this is an easy look to do, does not have any exotic or rare piece, you can get something like that in a view at any Mall and without spending a lot.


use a Brown loafer for a more serious. If you want something casual, a marine canvas sneakers or white leather is of good size, as themeparktour recommends.

It wouldn’t be the same if…

delete the bow tie or trade for a traditional, the result would be much more conservative and staid.

In short:

  • Once again we witness how accessories can give new life to old looks;
  • The bow tie served to let the more relaxed and out of expected;
  • The Plaid Shirt introduced a default in the set, sometimes it helps a lot;
  • Combine cold colors also work, especially if you have an element that does not let the combo very seriously;
  • It’s nice view of options look with easy-to-find parts, this is a good example of this;
  • The combination takes as much social as a footwear sneakers, will depend on the occasion;
  • A traditional tie here wouldn’t have the same effect;

Additional tips

For fat-the Plaid Shirt and bow tie take attention away from your belly, that’s great, but if you want, try a darker fabric.

For short-to you the dark mesh can also help to make it look like you’re taller. When choosing a shoe avoid the very rounded sole, as some types of boots, but also do not descend to the pointy, it’s not going to help you.

To altões-the Court in silhouette with light fabric looks great and works even better with the belt appearing, just be careful with the shoes, something very stout can make you earn some centimeters.