The Huntress of Lights of Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals

By: camillebrion

Last week, took place in Paris a previous presentation of the collection to Jeremy Scott It is designed for the season Autumn-winter 2011 adidas Originals. Among presented clothes was that you can see on the picture: a Huntress or tracksuit jacket (I don’t know exactly) with a very Spanish atmosphere in theory. And is that the design is based on a suit of lights of torero.

Is true that Scott we are very accustomed to innovative and risky items, but this has gone the limit. I think that I have not seen anything so horrible in every day of my life.

When it is assumed that you one should put this thing? To do sport? To go dress casual? For Carnival? Certainly I would not put it me ever again. What I do not understand is how a brand like Adidas is willing to sell something. What do you you think?

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