The History Of Nylon Stockings

The History Of Nylon Stockings

In the wardrobe of any Rockabella belong, without a doubt, beautiful nylon stockings. With or without seam.That is it a must-have, the original 50 years of style to perfect, is out of the question. Whether the sexy pencil skirt or wide swinging petticoat dress – only become the legs with nylons a real eye-catcher.

Swear goddesses like DITA von Teese pin up on the erotic attraction and seduction this wafer-thin socks. Today, we want to make history of this sexy stockings on the bottom.

Wallace Hume Carothers Of The Investigator

a U.S. chemical company, developed the first nylon fiber, which were formed on the basis of coal, air, and water in 1935. This ground-breaking invention was the starting point for the history of nylon stockings. Already a few years later came the first nylons in Wilmington on the market. In just a few hours, 4000 stockings were sold to American ladies, who literally tore the reinvention sellers from the hands. On May 15, 1940, the first 5 million stockings were sold in selected stores of American cities from the “DuPont” company. Some ladies could get none of the coveted stockings and went out while empty.The name nylon originated from an amusing anecdote: when Carothers invented his “artificial silk” after 20 years of research Finally, those called out of pride: “Now You Lousy Old Nipponese” or “Now You look old Nippon” as confirmation for the invention of a competitive product to the Japanese silk. As the land of the rising sun had the exclusivity on the production and trade in silk until 1935 and thus was the most important source of silk for the American market, a new era of “artificial silk” was initiated with the invention of nylon.

In the attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941, nylon because of its elasticity and tear resistance was a militarily significant material. There were campaigns of patriotic women’s associations, which ensured that they donated nylons for richly producing. At Macy’s around 50 000 pairs of nylons were sold at the end of the war only six hours. Thanks to its silky texture and crystal-clear transparency nylon became the most important material for the manufacture of stockings. Mannequins and film stars of the 50s the wore nylons with a stocking thickness at that time 70-40. Soon they were replaced the finer stockings with 30 and finally 15. Now, the stockings were very thin and umschmeichelten the legs with a slight shimmer. Erreicht-here, in 1951, even 10 were the stockings were delicate and almost invisible. Did you know that the density of the mesh specified by the unit “Denier”? The number indicates how hard is a thread of 9000 m in length. 15 the stocking is made so therefore a yarn, which has a weight of 15 g with a length of 9000 m. The thread size and the further is the thicker the stitch density, the stockings are more durable. The thread and the close are the stitches ever thinner, the stockings are more transparent. Nylons with a thread count of about 40, which are seen as opaque. Stockings under 15 are the so-called “sheers”. The nylon stocking with seam on the market came in 1945. All ten years he was the absolute box office hit. Here a virtue made of necessity.Since there was still no knitting machines, which could produce the required “logs”, the flat fabric had to be brought by sewing together fit in. The so-called “rear seam” gave the leg a slim look. Nylons ranged up to the thigh and held at the hem by longitudinally adjustable by the girdle or corset suspenders. In the thigh, they got their grip with a garter belt or a rubber ball.

After the knitting technique has been improved, you could endlessly round knit the sock blanks. This was a solid-coloured tube, which you matching cut, seamed at the heel and hem in length and brought with the help of a matrix in the form and colored a. The first “pantyhose” or tights had her birth. In 1955, gained the upper hand on the market the tights and gradually supplanted the nylon stockings.

Observing DITA von Teese at their burlesque shows, as she was stripping the delicate something by her legs, a Pro instantly recognizes that it is real seamed nylons. The difference between simple seam stockings from cheaper production is that real seamed nylons are made without any additives, such as Lycra or spandex, 100% nylon. Seamed nylons of 50s fashion are characterized with their sewn seam and cubic high heel. You make sexy legs and Divas such as Sophia Loreen, Marylin Monroe, or even pin up were not worn goddesses such as Bettie Page with passion without reason.

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