The Griffin Tunejuice

Emergency pack for the power supply
Smartphones-as smart as they may be-all have a big problem together: recharge time!Here, of course, Apple’s “wonderphone” does not take anything. In this regard, there are various possibilities on the market to prolong the duration of the device, as I pointed out, for example, recently with the Griffin PowerJolt reserve. Another interesting approach is the Griffin TuneJuice-a kind of emergency battery for the iPhone and various iPods. In the following lines, I would like to introduce our readers to this product.
The Griffin TuneJuice is aimed primarily at users who want to miss their iPhone or iPod with a small energy boost in an extreme situation where the next outlet is far away. The small box does not contain a classic battery, but takes four AAA batteries or rechargeable batteries as required. The connection is via a dock connector, so the iPhone charges accordingly.Replacing the batteries requires a little practice, as a button must be pushed under the housing (see picture). Unfortunately, the power consumption can not be defined as a general rule, depending on the type of AAA batteries. Griffin himself speaks, however, of, for example, up to two hours of additional talk time. By the way, four AAA batteries are included-no batteries.


Standard AAA batteries available worldwide

Satisfactory processing quality

Not only compatible with iPhone but also to any iPod with dock connector


No batteries or charger included

In this case somewhat expensive (between 20 and 30 euro)

For permanent use the Griffin TuneJuice is certainly less suitable, but only batteries are supplied and the handling by another external charger for optional batteries appears too complicated. However, especially when traveling in foreign countries, the Griffin TuneJuice might prove useful, AAA batteries are purchased quickly everywhere. But also as an emergency rescue the TuneJuice is good, batteries are not affected by the self-discharge, meaning the TuneJuice can be left unused for a long time and waiting for its use.

Note on availability at Cyberport
Like the Griffin PowerJolt Reserve, the TuneJuice is not yet listed with us, this is likely to happen in the next days.