The First Application of The Incubator for Google Android Is… Another Application of Messaging

Recently discovered the first application that was born as a result of the incubator of Google Area 120, Why Google employees can work on personal projects: it was of UpTime, a way to watch YouTube videos with your friends and only available for iOS.

Today’s the turn of Android. For us Google employees have prepared Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger, the solution to a question that nobody asked that it blends voice, emojis and notes messages that disappear.

Voice and emojis, friends forever

Googlers Ben, Andy and Lauren, the brains behind Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger, at some point met and decided that he needed the ecosystem Android and mobile in general was a messaging application. But not a text-based, but in voice messages.

To make the entire process more confusing (and funny?), voice messages are automatically converted to text and, as if this were not little, also it becomes loose in its equivalent in emojis words. Yes, you heard right, we are in 2017 and so is how the world works today.

And better yourself that you understand the message to the first, because Once you’ve heard it, it disappears. You can’t do much besides talk voice notes with your friends and send reactions, they are basically gigantic emojis.

The application continues to be an experiment of a few Googlers, although somehow let us glimpse the lost that are in Google with the theme of the messaging, a recurring theme in recent months.

Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger0.4.3

  • Version of Android: from 5.0
  • Developer: Area 120
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Communication