The Corrs Are Back with a New Album

The song “Radio” in 1999 is still in the ear with its catchy melody. With their new album “White Light” (Eastwest/Warner and Lyrics on, the sibling Quartet the Corrs from Ireland comes now after 10 years, finally back in the spotlight.

Fans had to wait a long time, but it finally happened on February 12. Because on this day the album produced in London, ‘White Light’ of the Irish the Corrs appeared with subsequent comeback tour through Germany. The opening concert held in Hamburg on May 25. Visually there after the years find hardly a change in the mature sisters Andrea, Sharon, Caroline and her brother Jim Corr, also musically they have remained faithful to the mix of pop, rock and traditional Celtic sounds on their latest LongPlayer with original compositions.

Merry folklore rhythms with familiar voices that encourage positive and kidnap into a dreamy tranquil sphere. Soft pop, which is sensitive and elated. Recognize the successful family clan without question and carried away by the good-mood music will leave fans. Equal to the first number “I do what I like” is a typical Corrs song with course chorus, violin background, and tried and true vocal patterns that has potential for a high chart placement. Also ballads like “Ellis Iceland” and “catch me when I fall” have their legitimate place alongside Irish sound, on the plate.

New Album White Light

Whether the Corrs still can build on their 2004 album “Borrowed Heaven” with 12 melodic tracks the success, remains to be seen. Loyal fans are sure to persuade this surprising comeback and loyalty to the musical style. Since their debut album in 1995, the Corrs worldwide sold over 30 million albums.