The Chromebooks Arrive on June 15 at The Hands of Movistar

If you are thinking in Chrome OS, forget the Cr-48, the real devices will be called Chromebooks, and the first come from the hand of Acer and Samsung, as we had anticipated in our “ what hope & #8220;.

We will have them in the next Europe June 15, specifically the Samsung model comes from the hand of the operator Movistar, they are devices that don’t make sense without a data connection. Both will be available through the chain specializing in electronic-Pixmania.

The two devices are powered by Intel, specifically by processors dual core Atom, considering autonomy one of their most notable sections: 8.5 hours on the Samsung, for 6.5 hours on the Acer model.

The main difference between the two, as well as the design, is the size of screen, 12.1 inch (1280 × 800 pixels) in the Samsung model, by 11.6 on the Acer. Another difference is that in the case of Acer model we have HDMI output.

Some of the advantages that have these computers completely oriented to Internet, are its boot time, of only 8 seconds, or storage in SSD hard drives. We are going to see the video of the presentation of the system:

On the model of Samsung know that it opens the Series 5 the Korean company, and with the Acer shares processor, which is a Intel Atom N570 1.66 GHz, the webcam is 1 megapixel, and storage is of 16 GB SSD. Common to both specifications are:

  • High definition webcam with microphone with noise cancellation
  • 2 USB 2.0 ports
  • 4 in 1 memory card slot
  • Chrome standard-sized keyboard
  • Large fully interactive touch panel

Prices that Movistar or Pixmania will put them on sale are not yet known, I can report that Samsung’s Wi-Fi model costs 399 dollars in the United States, for 499 euros the 3G version. Acer model stays at 349 euros.

Multimedia presentation material

Some images more than the Chromebooks: