The Challenge of The Mobile $ 25, Robotics and Employment and The History of Mt. Gox

Week “post-MWC”: Our site and that the articles on the relationship between “robots, humans and cyborgs”:  Our site have dominated the news of Engadget. To complement our coverage of the world of technology, we bring you a series of articles from other publications that will surely make you interesting. We started!

  • Interview of “Recode”: Our site to Yancey Strickler, CEO of Kickstarter, which reached 1,000 billion dollars in donations this week.
  • The wonderful challenge of $25 mobile. An article by Antonio Ortiz in “Mobile World Capital.”: Our site
  • The psychology of limitation: how the restrictions make us be more creative. On the blog of “Buffer.”: Our site 7-examples-of-how-creative-constraints-can-lead-to-amazing-work
  • The internet of things: the money is in ‘internet’, not ‘things’. In “Read Write.”: Our site.
  • Extensive analysis of the NAS Western Digital ‘ My Cloud EX2.’ “AnandTech”:Our site.
  • Inside Facebook engineering laboratories: the paradise of the hardware. In “The Register.”: Our site.
  • The history of WhatsApp, on the cover of “Forbes.”: Our site an article with all the details of the operation.
  • WhatsApp is different. Interesting graphs and analysis of “Om Malik.”: Our site.
  • Why your mobile does not conceive the time beyond the year 2038. In “Teknautas.”: Our site.
  • The impact of Robotics on job creation. In “Sintetia.”: Our site.
  • The growth of OpenStreetMap: the attempt to wrest a Google maps Empire. “The Next Web.”: Our site.
  • Interview in “El País”: Our site  with Massimo Banzi, co-creator of Arduino: “corporations are disconnected from reality.”
  • The history of Mt. Gox, the disaster Bitcoin of 460 million dollars. In “Wired.”: Our site.
  • After Steve Jobs work: Tim Cook and Apple. In the “Wall Street Journal.”: Our site.
  • What is the danger of using a unknown USB and that is not ours? “Lifehacker.”: Our site.