The Best Street Style of The Week (LII)

By: camillebrion

And continue once more with the weekly session of the best Street-Style of the week. And I have to say that this time I am excited. Happy to see as people, despite bad weather that continues, risks with colors to give input to the spring slowly. The pastel tones, whites and the earthy replace blacks, the marengos and jacquard point to be seen together with linen and cotton. Even add-ins try to contribute their particular bit with summer prints as the floral or the Paisley.

So let’s take a look at the more urban, funky and close proposals that we show you here in Mensencia. Of course, open to any comment.

The The fashion week in Paris and Lisbon you are leaving some pretty interesting looks on the streets. Mainly men opt for blazers that added items such as scarves or the bow ties to informalize and do something more personal. The idea is to set two basic colors and most striking one that is carrying the dominant trend. The Cerulean blue It has been chosen and he did so in the form of a handkerchief, a choice that as you can see, it is excellent.

There are even who has dared at this point in the year has bet for the total white Although it is not the most appropriate. Yet the formalisms are left aside and is built with shirts, pants and linen blazer plenty more sport gives an air. To not charge much, bet on some black patent shoes, sport bag in the same color and a playful touch with sunglasses Red.

The raincoats You can continue giving us lots of play if we know how to use them. We know that this season are especially the necks of vertigo. As well, you can opt for a gabardine crossed with nothing underneath as the figure, with which we highlight more even the visual effect of the neckline. Only for the more daring.

And what a look with? explosions of secondary colors? Cakes such as the green or lilac combine to perfection with the butane Orange and red to give a look that far from being bizarre, conveys much harmony, playfulness and clarity. 10 in the choice of colors and how to combine them.

The corduroy It can also serve to forget a little point and try different things. A grim reaper with V neck and shoulder at peak can be a great choice to combine with a shirt in shades of Brown and take advantage of the texture of the fabric with the combination of earthy to achieve a innovative and quite warm Sahara style.

And a look halfway between the mod and the nerd? Lately this tendency is giving much of it in large cities. Striped Fred Perry bomber (with quite unusual colors for the signature), sky blue shirt, bow tie in the same color but with a more serious tone and points and all this above the neutral background of the beige pants. The Dessert boots in color peach (detail of yellow cords) and the glasses style oldies carey paste put brooch to a perfect styling that despite playing many chromatic sticks, is fully balanced.

Finally, a simple look, with a degree vintage thanks to his jacket with a colorful tweed which has decided to add notes of color with shoes, shirt color lilac or even detail from socks pink chewing gum. At the same time modern to retro with an undeniable sense of simple elegance and good taste when it comes to combining.

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