The Bay Lights: 25,000 Leds Illuminate

A gigantic light art installation with over 25,000 LEDs to illuminate the world-famous Bay Bridge in San Francisco February 2013 – now start the installation work for the plant. “The Bay Lights” are artistically designed as the project calls, by Leo Villareal, whose working among others in the Museum of modern art in New York are.

The implementation of the ambitious project with LED lamps by Philips color kinetics is in the hands of the nonprofit organization “illuminate the arts”, the a total eight million dollars, which are required for manufacturing, installation and dismantling, a wishes to refer only in private. $5.5 million are already gone according to lightinghowto.

The financial effort, inter alia due to the ambitious design of the lighting installation of more than 8 km long bridge, which connects San Francisco with Oakland. “The Bay Lights” uses the design software Max/MSP/jitter, nuanced to the lights power on three levels to control and to control each individual pixel individually – Villa real wants to keep the light arrangement in permanent movement.

The artist aims to set new standards for what is possible with light manipulation with “The Bay Lights”, and get the most from the combination of LEDs as a “smart” light source with digital controls. The installation to daily Flash from 2013 to 2015 after dusk until midnight in complex rhythms and patterns.

Also on environmental sustainability is taken at “The Bay Lights”: everything that is required with the efficient LEDs on power for the project is provided by solar energy donating one of the supporters, so that the installation, which after all, is the seven-time size of the Eiffel Tower, also not will prove environmental sin.

A total of 50 million people in the California Bay area will see the huge light artwork from March next year. In addition, it is hoped that the construction will be worldwide attention during the two years of their installation.