The 7 Types of Shoes

Without a doubt one of the greatest passions among women is inside of your cupboards and closets.

The shoes awaken a single sentiment that drives the female world to buy more and more pairs.

Regardless of income, gender or personal taste, then the absolute trend shoes for 2016 is the first thought that crosses your mind.

So, nothing better than talking a little about the subject.

In the summer who took care of the streets were the Sandals, Gladiators, or jump square, with platform, all with many colors and prints.

The absolute trend for 2016 goes through several models of shoes, since creeping up boots.

The high heel comes with everything, are various models and formats, from the classic needle and worshipped until the square and thick heel that gives a tone the look stripped.

And for those who have a more casual style, the good news is that in addition to the high-heeled shoes the moccasin comes to give a retro touch. This type of shoe will combine with daytime commitments like a comfortable way to follow the absolute trend in 2016.

Already the sandals and heel will make the greatest success with pointy models and metallic points, prints, suede, bright colors or black, ferrous tones and very high heels.

Speaking of irons tones, they’ll be in high in this winter and thick square heels too. Both the heel as the shoes more closed if will highlight in detail, either with a bright and shiny stone, or lace, a different heel, a pattern or a zipper.

But all have time to rest your glamour and the absolute trend for 2016 includes sneakers, which have become over the years, the FT’s best friends who seek comfort and beauty.

They receive a new guise and finish, overall display lush details as pedrarias, ankle zips and super modern prints.

Now if you are one of those who cannot do without a boot, the good news is that they will be present at all times in this coming winter.

Actually have women who don’t even expect the cold here and you are parading around with their boots and jeans (13 amazing ways to use jeans).

Independent of the ankles, riding cowboy style or pointy, the boots are part of international fashion shows for decades and especially now, will be an absolute trend for the year 2016.

For those who want to dare with the famous boots, the tip is that if you use with skirts of tip that does not fully cover the legs, to show better detail of the shoe.

The boots look better on tall women, and combine with tights either type Leggings or skinning, of low style boots boots look good with jeans, skirts and overalls stripped. The most used colors will be black and cream tones, irons.

Last but not least are the shoes. They also will be part of the absolute trend for 2016, and will come with a lot of style. Call the attention for flower or geometric pattern, by bold colors and alive or precious stones.