That’s Not A Jaba: Editing Farm To Adidas Originals

Yesterday, end of the day, all dark now and I had not lit no light at home. Just really lazy, I left dark. Was so good on the couch that I settled with the feeble light of TV lighting only the strictly necessary.

That's Not A Jaba: Editing Farm To Adidas Originals

Past 7:00 pm when he woke me up. Had fallen asleep on his lap and didn’t even notice. Still sonada, heard something about going to the Mall. He wanted to buy a shoe to start running in the morning and I thought: “himself to be able to think of running in the morning on a Sunday night. I was regaining my faculties and I understood that the idea was to put some clothes on quickly and stop by the mall to solve this tennis before the store closed. I thought about going or not, but I decided it would be a way to keep the Sun alive longer and, of course, to join him (and he to me:-).

I went without any pretense, so much so that almost didn’t take her purse and wallet. We got there and he went to find the shoes to run – article that put among the top 5 most annoying items to buy. To summarize the story, while he solved if the foot was pronated or supinated (who knew that raises his hand), I decided to walk through the corridor of the Mall and into the Adidas, which I never do because I’m not much to spend money on clothes to the gym (I always think of my Rico buck could be best applied in another moment of my day that I’m not sweating like a pig).

That's Not A Jaba Editing Farm To Adidas Originals 1

But behold, in fact, I think it was my mind playing tricks on me. Went into the store and came across with a lot of the tucano Kitty pattern. I think it’s so hard to figure out a pattern that I get way stopped to look. I got closer and I realized I’d seen these toucans somewhere else. Was looking at the label and unleashing a: Oh, Yes!

That’s it, folks. Fate put me there at the store from Adidas, half an hour before it closes, on the day of the launch of the collection of Adidas Originals in partnership with the Farm.

I thought it was strange that only had the Toucan print in arara (after I gave a Googada and saw that they gave names to all the cute prints of this collection in question is called Tucanário). I grabbed the Lady at the store and asked quedê the rest of the collection. She was cute and even 15 minutes before the store closes, made me the favor to get down everything I had there in stock so I could see out of the corner.

That's Not A Jaba Editing Farm To Adidas Originals 2

I saw everything and it’s all beautiful. I rarely get weaving compliments here on the blog, but I must say that gave pride of seeing a job so cool, so original and, at the same time, so with Brazil’s face, going to win the world (the collection will be sold in Adidas stores around the world).

Anyway, I chose three favorite pieces. The short shorts of such Tucanário and print a set of jacket + shorts pattern of pineapples (Frutaflor). And it is precisely the pineapples that adorn the look of today.

Another thing that I loved this collection is how the prints are so cool you can do essentially sports parts, items that we get super quietly bring pro day to day.

That's Not A Jaba Editing Farm To Adidas Originals 3

Today is Monday, I know, but I was dying to do a second look Sunday just because I thought the pineapples shouted weekend. And, in the end, that second I wouldn’t want to be a Sunday, right?

Joined the acabaxis with a short white and stripes just because I like to mix even, because not needed. The Frutaflor had so much interessância by itself that did not ask for anything else.

Hence, to close, moccasin Orange simply because it has everything to do with everything. Comfortable, totally unpretentious and full of personality.