Telegram to Your Taste: You Can Create Your Own Theme from The Application

By: camillebrion

Latest version available at Google Play Telegram includes support for topics, like the desktop client, which included them last month. There is however an important difference, in Telegram for Android you can also create the item manually.

If customization is everything for you and you have a true eye to choose a harmonious color scheme, nothing can stop you to modify Telegram until you have exactly what you like thanks to their full theme editor.

Create your theme

Updated Telegram and sees to the Settings – theme to meet the three preloaded themes: the ultimate Blue theme, a slight variation of the same and a dark theme, also new in this update. Plays on Create new topic to start your creation. The first thing you will need is a name for your theme.

After you choose your new name, you will notice a new floating button at the top of the window with a color palette. This is the theme editor.

Edit your theme in each window

A rather ingenious way, the theme of Telegram editor works as an added layer, so that you can see in real time how is your theme in the context. For example, by touching on the color palette in the creation of theme window you can choose the colors of the items listed there: the top bar with icons, the bottom of the application, etc..

First choose the item that you want to edit the color and then select in the the color wheel that will convince more. If you are more comfortable, you can insert the RGB (red, green, and blue) values. Each color can in turn have some degree of transparency, that you select with the right slider all.

Once you’ve finished, press Save to save the selection of color for that element. If you are not satisfied with the result you can press By default to return it to its default value.

Move through the different windows of Telegram and you’ll see that the floating color palette button follows you where you go. In this way, you can enter in a chat conversation to change the color of the chat bubbles. Not all the selections are colors, but you can also choose custom images for some elements, such as the bottom of a chat.

Create a theme customized from scratch and make it look good will take you some of time and patience, Although the floating editor allows to easily you much. A good idea is to copy the color values to reuse them, or have a previously prepared color scheme.

Share your creation

Once you have finished, select Save theme to turn off edit mode. From the settings menu – topics you can share your theme with your friends. Items are shipped with extension ATTHEME, which at the moment cannot be opened in Telegram for Windows or for iOS (as yet do not have issues) but it is expected that in the future all are compatible.

Telegramvaria according to the device

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