TAM Sells Cheap Tickets on Site for Foreigners

A huge discrepancy in the TAM ticket sales system was perceived by Internet users who tried to buy tickets for the airline’s website aimed at foreigners. Both the English version and the Spanish version, the prices offered were not only smaller, but much smaller than those for Brazilians.

The same passage from Sao Paulo to Brasilia would cost $ 208.15 (approx. US $ 414) on foreign sites TAM cost R $ 1,096.26 for those internet users who accessed the site destined for Brazil, as stated in the Folha de São Paulo. The same newspaper reports that in another scenario, the price national was exorbitant 400% more expensive than abroad.

However, it was not possible to finalize the purchase because you must have a credit card issued in the same country for which the accessed site is intended. Same logic used by Google to sell the LG Nexus 4 in the online store Google Play exclusively for Americans. Google notably subsidizes the device in America; the same does not occur in other countries.

Sought by many vehicles, TAM said that the “error” in the ticketing system has been fixed. The company also says the following: “What determines the value of the passes is the demand of each passenger profile and the available supply, which may vary according to each market. Therefore, the TAM site has versions for each country where the company operates, according to local laws.

The National Consumer Secretariat was contacted by the sheet and said it will investigate the case.

The newspaper O Estado de São Paulo held the same simulations in Gol competing site. There, the prices are equivalent to real Brazilian and dollar on the websites for foreigners.