Tam Cultural Competition Holidays In The Backpack

TAM has a new cultural contest under way to benefit children. This time the airline set up a fun entertainment campaign and promises to deliver wonderful prizes. The “TAM Vacaciones na Mochila” contest began on June 21 and runs until July 21.

The creation of the cultural contest was only possible thanks to the launch of the film “Rio” that inspired TAM to start its campaign. Since not everyone can afford to travel with their children during their school holidays, the airline presents an exclusive and innovative contest to give 100 Brazilian children.

Tam Cultural Competition Holidays In The Backpack 1

With the TAM Vacaciones na Mochila contest, the airline will distribute copies of the Rio movie. To participate, you must answer the question: “Besides the DVD” Rio, O Filme”, what can not miss in your backpack and why?”. Participants who come up with the most creative responses take home the prizes that TAM is distributing with their campaign.

“Rio, the movie” is a 3D production directed by Carlos Saldanha and premiered in theaters in April 2011. With good ratings and a proposal that uses the city of Rio de Janeiro as a scenario, Rio was certainly One of the great releases of the first half.

The story tells of Blu, a blue macaw that does not know how to fly and was tamed by Linda in a small town in the United States. It was thought that Blu was the last of his kind, until they discover the existence of a female who lives in Rio de Janeiro and together they go to the wonderful city in search. However the blue macaw is abducted by bird smugglers along with their Jade species partner. That way they need to find a way out to regain control of the situation.

Tam Cultural Competition Holidays In The Backpack 2

The animation “Rio, the movie” is perfect to entertain the whole family and promises good laughs.Children are used to identifying with Blu and the film’s proposal is fun for all ages. Those who did not go to the movies to check the production closely or did not buy the DVD that they recently launched must participate in the TAM cultural contest and compete for the prizes at stake.

TAM Kids has been a sensation among children and sure to end the campaign thousands of responses will be sent to the company to make the top 100. Only children under 12 years of age can participate in this contest and the evaluation of the answers will be Made according to the criteria of the contest, which mainly considers the creativity in the elaboration.

When participating in TAM Vacations in Backpack, the child does not need to take advantage of any TAM product or pay any fee, everything happens for free. Participation in the contest does not depend on sweepstakes, it seeks to reward by merit. The entire process of participation is carried out through the internet, just fill out the registration with the data requested on the TAM KIDS website and create a response with a maximum of 300 characters for the contest question.

Tam Cultural Competition Holidays In The Backpack 3

The judging committee will take into account some criteria to define the best answers, such as originality and coherence with the theme, as well as creativity. The DVDs “Rio, the movie” will be sent to the winners by September 1st. TAM bet on the contest as a way to encourage kids on their July vacation and recreation proposal by developing the answers.

The list of winners of the Tam Vacations in the Backpack will be published on August 02, 2011 on the same site where the registration was made. For more information, read the regulation.

Access TAM KIDS and take the time to forward the cultural contest phrase that is in progress. Be among the 100 most creative in the campaign!