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By: camillebrion
Do you speak good, all of you?

I come to talk about a matter who is in the corporate world knows that this is essential for all men who want to have presence and be aligned for all sorts of occasions, so let’s talk about tailor-made shirts, “but wait pheareak, what is that? I know shirts but I only buy in shops. ” I’ll explain it to you right.

The first time you wear a tailored shirt, you’ll notice a few things: your left wrist can get a little bigger than your right to compensate for your wrist watch and bracelets who knows. Their buttons will be thicker and stronger because they were carefully stitched into the tissue by a human hand. You’ll like it more than the other shirts because it’s your shirt: You’re the one who chooses the details, the color and the print to the handles and the style of the buttons. You will feel more comfortable because after the tailors have taken over a dozen measurements, and adjusted the shirt to your body in two or three evidence, nothing will tighten or get wide with your movements. You’re going to get a better look, l’orque the tailors can compensate, until you hide, a lot of physical flaws. Finally, you can feel a little bit bad, because after using this tailored shirt for the first time, you will want all your other shirts to dress the same way.

Let’s stop talking a little and go to the details of the tailored shirt right! = P

Let’s inspire people!

After you try a tailored shirt you won’t want a retail shirt so early (those purchased at the store), even because it won’t have that perfect trim on your body and will also get all wrinkled because it will be all wrinkled, depending on the clear tissue. But another thing we can do at the time of choosing tissues is to be with your color chart, “but how so pheareak, color chart?” So, color chart I do for my clients along with the imaging consulting, we saw what colors favor you and what colours you They leave with negative aristmarketing. And then we can just use the colours that give him an up.

Cfme in the picture below I choose some colors of shirts and types of fabrics along with my color chart (Cold summer). This image consulting step is very nice, I love because we always find something. = D

Here’s another hint, enjoying the post class Hahahahaah

We know who’s in the corporate world know how hard it is to keep a clean and aligned white shirt right?

In the highest levels of needs, a white social shirt is between a belt and a toothbrush. Can you imagine without one of them? But just having a white social shirt isn’t enough. The perfect specimen needs:

Fall with Elegance

Have bodied buttons
be made of a good cotton
Impeccable quality

Use your social shirt with something remarkable-like a dark suit and tie and a white scarf-all munda will notice. Everybody OK? The word women use is distinct. or lined up. or fantastic. Often they will touch your shoulder, or put your hand on your arm. The men will say you’re “great,” and they’re going to say that with a certain perplexity or suspicion. The look is nothing new. But used the right way, it has a fascinating effect!

Where to find a good shirt?

Let’s get to the point right, some indications around here are always welcome!

Deborah Reichardt Stone:Nominate and recommend, wonderful and super relaxed, professional, extreme and belissimas with tissue. More corporate-focused.

Thierry Moda de Jundiaí:Met by chance and became friends, extreme confidence in work and beautiful tissue chart. It’s worth checking out the work of this professional. 

Ricardo Almeida: I don’t need to say anything right, extreme professional and spectacular shirt cuts.

Camargo tailoring: It has beautiful cuts and a good range of fabrics to make a shirt a work of art.

Well, then, did you enjoy it?

A lot of requests from you, so I’m going to start putting more on the tailor shop here too ok.

Enjoy and see other posts!

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