TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 5 Ringmaster

Since I have boxed yourself awhile get often on the nose and I big fan of box-sports, the new DAY Heuer Carrera Muhammad Ali Edition immediately aroused my interest. On the other hand, I was but also strongly biased – last I went so critically raised TAG Heuer special editions like the TAG Heuer Bundesliga watch on the Loveless and inflationary on the market.

So much first of all: Was TAG Heuer of boxing legend Muhammad Ali with the Carrera calibre 5 ring master this time thank God justice…

Muhammad Ali: History of a legend

The greatest of all time

Sportsman of the century

Undisputed champion

Athlete of the century

Big mouth

These are just a few of the titles and nicknames that, has developed one of the largest box legends, Muhammad Ali during his career.

Become famous is Muhammad Ali first with his unconventional fighting style: cover not necessary had Ali – he trusted (almost) always on his nimble legs and his instinct for the upcoming strikes of the opponent.

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” (“fly agile like a butterfly, Sting like a bee”

has Ali known times his fighting style. Very true!

The success gave Muhammad Ali right: four years after winning the gold medal in the light heavyweight at the Olympic Games in Rome he brings his first World Championship title.

But also away from the ring , Ali made headlines: the annual dog er athletes born as Cassius Clay converted to Islam, joined the radical black Muslim at and filed in wake of his “Skalvennamen” Cassius Clay. In the following years, Ali becomes the symbol for many black – a bitter pill for the conservative white public.

When Ali refused to fight in the Viet Nam war he escaped narrowly in custody thanks to a high bail. The sports break left but unfortunately cannot be avoided: all world titles were stripped of the then 25-year Ali and he got box ban. Ali did not get themselves but continued politically – for the rights of blacks and against the war.

When turned the public opinion with regard to the Viet Nam war, Ali was allowed to box again. But the three and a half years break from the left its mark passed to Ali, young talents such as Joe Frazier and George Foreman were the new place deer.

But Ali is fighting back and and wrote with two boxing matches history: with the “Rumble in the Jungle” against foreman and the “Thrilla in Manila” against Frazier. Ali won both matches, the intensity is still hardly achieved in boxing.

1982 Ali was diagnosed with the nervous disorder Parkinson’s disease. Nevertheless, he lit the Olympic flame in 1996 in Atlanta and once again underlined its fighting spirit.

TAG Heuer: charity event in the Gleason’s gym in honor of Muhammad Ali

The famous box training site Gleason’s gym in Brooklyn, where in addition to Ali including Mike Tyson trained, was the meeting place for a TAG Heuer and Muhammad Ali Enterprises organized Wolhtätigkeitsveranstaltung in honour of Muhammad Ali.

The guest list was of course quite prominently occupied: Muhammad Alis last wife Lonnie Ali (total 4 women and 9 children on Muhammad Ali’s counter came) was also to guest former box opponent (George Chuvalo and Earnie Shavers) and the boxing champion Evander Holyfield, Roberto Durán and Julio César Chávez. In addition to a few other TAG Heuer Brand Ambassador, of course also TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver settled escape not the event – here in the style of Muhammad Ali, neglecting the cover:

Here are some impressions of the event in the image gallery – all obviously had fun and made it of course does not take itself put the boxing gloves, to (sometimes more, sometimes less embarrassing) to Poznan (all pictures: TAG Heuer)…

TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 5 Ring Master Muhammad Ali Edition

So a big drawn event one cannot be missed of course: A Special Edition. TAG Heuer has thrown most recently reinforced special editions on the market which partly very uninspired and Loveless came over. That often borders on attempted Customers Melkerei – many watch enthusiasts will find no kind words for such an approach. Click the article away now but please don’t reflexively – TAG Heuer has with the new Carrera calibre 5 ring Master Muhammad Ali Edition fortunately much done right.

An ETA 2824-2 Automatic Movement (“calibre 5”), anti-reflective Sapphire Crystal, 43 mm diameter, 10-bar water resistance (swimming suitable for) – so far the sober facts of the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 5 ring Master Muhammad Ali Edition (WAR2A11. FC633).

One feature distinguishes the model however and stands out from many rather heavy-handed special editions in the past hour (luckily): the model is based on the 1957 appeared Heuer Ring master stopwatch. Special: The red-white patterned border that served as Tools for stopping times in various sports including the boxing – at the time a fight 15 rounds à 3 minutes (2 minutes for amateurs; or 1 minute rest between rounds) was, and accordingly had to be stopped.

Added: more than an optical gimmick is not of course for an estimated 99.9% of the carriers of this watch – yet I think the idea to combine the story of Muhammad Ali, with a historic Heuer model extremely well thought out. More articles are available at insidewatch.net.