Tablet Notebook From Fujitsu: Convertible Lifebook T902

By: camillebrion

Folding display

With the convertible lifebook T902, fujitsu revised its lifebook T series and thus supersedes the convertible lifebook T901. Also the successor has a non-reflective 13.3-inch touch display that simultaneously detects up to ten fingers in addition to pen input. In doing so, rotate the display up to 180 degrees and place it above the keyboard. Practical: To transform the notebook into a tablet PC.

Turncoat with safety functions

Screen resolution is 1600 x 900, the graphic comes from the CPU’s internal intel HD graphics 4000. It has the same safety features as it provides the new tablet stylistic Q702: Fingerprint reader, so intel’s anti-theft technology, computrace support to the retrieval of stolen equipment and optional TPM (trusted platform modules).

Safe tablet: Fujitsu stylistic Q702

Convertible lifebook T902: Facilities

According to fujitsu supports the 31 millimeters in thickness and about two kilograms T902 mobile surfing in the UMTS as well as in the fast LTE network. An ivy bridge processor ensures sufficient computing power depending on model (core i5-3320 M or i7-3520 M) from intel, and up to 16 gigabytes of memory. The hard drives contain up to 500 GB data, the SSD versions up to 256 GB. Wireless communications provide wi-fi 802. 11n and bluetooth 4.0. Via the modular shaft, expand the device a blu-ray burner, hard drive, and battery. The latter extended the term away from the socket up to 10.5 hours, so the manufacturer.

All-round carefree package

Features: GPS, gigabit LAN and two USB 2.0 – and USB 3.0 ports. Thanks to VGA or HDMI output you can easily work on larger monitors. For the time being fujitsu delivers the hybrids with windows 7. October, of end of there is windows 8 for the upgrade to the new version of windows requires microsoft 15 euro.

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16 tablets tablet PC see in august 2012, fujitsu brings the convertible lifebook T902 in trade. The manufacturer’s MSRP starts at 1.600 euro.


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