Swimsuits or Bikinis? Choice of the Visual for Beach Pool

Hello everybody okay?

I got these tips in my email and thought it was so cool that I brought for you! After all, who doesn’t want to feel good isn’t it? I would like to say that next week inaugurate a few posts about Christmas with recipes, tips, post detox food and parties for the summer!

Summer is coming and, to enjoy in style, nothing better than to enjoy a beach or pool, especially now on clearance of end of the year. This time full of happiness and relaxation asks some care, and one of the issues that most generate question is: should I wear a bikini or swimsuit?

If you still can’t make up your mind and you want a second opinion, know that here we have plenty of reasons to give a little help in solving this dilemma.

To cover the tummy

No using cover to hide love handles: fat is not sin! According to thedresswizard.com, if you want to wear a bikini, but you get the ideal model, worth betting on some foolproof tips that will make you feel better with your body.

Remember that higher panties help hold the sagging belly and, therefore, are great allies time to disguise the chubbiness. Another good tip is to bet in neutral colors, no prints, or in thin stripes (always vertically!) as this helps to refine the silhouette.

And the swimsuits?

If you don’t feel well with bikini, the best option is the swimsuit, but don’t think you need to look like a water aerobics because of it. Let the simple models and lifeless for swimming lessons and, in time to have some fun, bet on more daring and colorful models!

If you want to do is hide the extra pounds, bet on always low-cut V-models: the bigger, the finer the silhouette stays! Another good tip is to choose darker colors: this summer, the raspberry and the marine promise come with everything and is your chance to be, comfortable, check out the latest trends.

Now, if what you want is to gain curves, the bikinis are the most suitable. Don’t forget that the right choice model and pattern are able to get curves like a plastic surgeon is able to do!

Choose finer panty models on the sides and fuller in front and behind. In addition, it’s worth betting on rather patterned bikinis and geometric shapes. Don’t forget: the more colorful, the better. Another good tip is to bet on pendants, tracks or loops on top, because they help draw the attention of the waist line.