Surprise Your Mom with this Unforgettable

To return the priceless love of mother, nothing better than presenting with a jewel! In addition to being full of symbolism, they are eternal. To hit when choosing a gift for mother’s day, split up some unforgettable suggestions to surprise these women so special!

One of the options is the new Simple Chic collection, presented in detail in our previous post.

Even for women who are the elegant minimalist style, the Signature collection HS is a sure choice! In these parts, the initials HS win form of jewelry with a contemporary design and sculptural forms.

For those who prefer the bright silvery luster, a good bet is the collection Rolled Stones Sterling Silver HS. Inspired by the organic forms of the pebbles from rivers, these jewels are timeless and extremely versatile for use in different situations

The stars of the h. Stern are object of desire in the world and certainly please most mothers! The collection Stars enchants women modern and stylish, but the more feminine can opt for Pearls collection of Genesis, in which tiny stars earn their delicate Pearl company.

There are still other suggestions besides the jewels! A varied collection of watches brings options, such as the Sfera mini, adorned by diamonds, that will make them remember their children every minute. The h. Stern’s Eyewear collection sunglasses full of personality, to sophisticated mothers who cherish by extreme care in details.

See more information and more options of gifts on the site and smber.