Sunglasses for Each Face Type

In addition to protecting the sunbeams, the sunglasses are an indispensable fashion accessory in summer. Did you know that through its ways you can evaluate your personality and style? The more outgoing, creative and artistic colored frames, bold or prefer with details, while the more discreet opt for classic models and simple lines. But you know what are the most suitable sunglasses for your face type?

With so many shapes, colors, patterns and materials, the more difficult it is to choose the ideal model. But remember that you can have multiple frames, according to your lifestyle. In choosing, always keep in mind the physical characteristics, occupation, style and personality. Looks like a complicated task, but just knowing a few style rules to take the right decision according to mbakecheng.

If you work in a more formal environment or in public service opt for flat models, without patterns or details, because they are more discreet. If, on the contrary, prefer more creative frames bet on colored acetate glasses or with most striking formats. Be sure to always store your glasses in a case itself, in order to protect the lens from scratches and dirt.

Round Face
This type of face features the same proportion between your width and length. The right frame is square or rectangular, as semirretas and straight lines help to refine the face. Avoid round models or very wide and thick stems and bet on with lenses in light shades, because help to disguise the face.

Square Face
Who has a wide jaw and forehead should opt for rounded and oval glasses, so the smooth shapes of the face. You can opt for lenses without bottom frame or shaded. The frames that have the rims slightly wider at the temples also disguise sharp jaw.

Triangular Face
One of the features of the triangular face is having the forehead slightly wider than the Chin, which is thinner. To balance the face should bet on large, rounded and oval frames, gradient lenses. However, avoid frames wider than the face, because they enhance the difference from the forehead to the Chin, and also those which have the bottom low and cover the cheekbones.

Oval Face
Is the face shape more balanced, in the line of the cheekbones is wider than your forehead and Chin. Looks good with all frames. However, forget the larger models, as they may give the impression that the face is long.

I bet you won’t have doubts to choose!