Success On Instagram: 4 Years Boy Conquering Fans With Style

For who is a fan of the social network Instagram, it is common to open the application and view your screen full of pictures, with gorgeous models in stylish clothes or deprived. And that’s how Colette, Rycker’s mother, had the idea of playing with the style of the children.
Rycker, which has only four years, poses playing for the photos. With clothes similar to those of the original photographs, he mimics perfectly professional models. According to his mother, he never worked as an actor or model and accepts only staging if she gets the joke, too.
For the photos with his hands in his pockets, he always pretends to be hiding weapons. When the picture shows the model anchored on a wall, he pretends to be knocking him down with the force of mind.
The goal, according to the founder of the project, not to make money, just show the other parents that it is possible to perfect the look of children. “— They are boys, play, run, get dirty and play like normal kids,” says the mother.
We’re not denying that, besides having a lot of style, Ryker is beautiful and cute! Worth taking a peek on Heroes.