Style Tip:Men’s Sweater

The sweater is a classic men’s wardrobe and all season he appears in collections, on the streets and in closets. They help to sharpen the entire look quickly and easily. In addition, are super versatile and their combinations create a fine style, but young and light.

For starters, let’s understand the difference between sweater and cardigan, since they are very similar. The main difference is in the button. While the sweater is closed, the cardigan has buttons.

One of the most classic ways to wear the sweater is with a shirt underneath. It creates a style stripped near the casual and the sport thin, but that leaves you with a more serious and elegant appearance. It’s a great idea for certain commitments or to work. You can invest in more basic colors as the vibrant, depending on your style.

According to payhelpcenter, another interesting idea is to merge the men’s sweater with other elements that are high and end up leaving the look more modern, like the boots, the boots, the bomber jackets and denim jackets.

In the classic style, the play is paired with a blazer, but you can adopt in several different styles. Since coats, jackets and sweaters, even a short or pants with turn-ups and shoes. In the beach towns, for example, you can use a sweater with shorts for the days not too cold.

On the catwalk we have a variety of models of men’s sweater for you increase your look. Click on the image and check out:

And you, I usually wear sweater? How do you use it? Leave your comment!