Style And Personality-The Retro Woman And Creative Woman

What the woman who adopts a retro style (or vintage) sticking to its observers? And the woman with a creative, modern style? Beyond mere fashion trends, today make parallels between style and personality in order to show that the way of dressing also sets up one of the more invasive forms of communication and, mainly, of self expression.

Hi, I’m Marianna Pedrini, and accepted the invitation of Kah to be part of the Team, b! with sporadic collaborations. If some semblance of writing and will then approach the texts, know that this is not petty coincidence. I and Karina are great friends for 18 years, we grew up together sharing (and learning) the same references, tastes and social cycle. Soon, our line of reasoning is quite similar. I hope you enjoy this article and know that any kind of criticism, praise and the like will be received gladly.

Fashion And Behavior: Retro Style And Creative Style

I chose to begin my foray into the blogosphere by performing a series of postings about six different styles of female attire – creative, current retro, romantic (HERE), classic, casual and sexy. I still don’t know if the four remaining styles will be published here in Beautiful, wake up! or on the blog I intend to launch, the Woman in boots (as soon as I’m done, I’ll update this post with their respective links). Such descriptions, however, if, by their guiding “personality” attributed to the woman who opts for a certain style and because this suits you.

But, initially, I must point out that my intent is not to insert the appearance or female personality within extremely childish and synthetic categories, but rather propose a different way of writing “articles”, because, in the current economic climate, what we found by blogs of sets are articles that always tend to sneak by the materiality of the pieces, treating the people who dress up as secondary items of the final composition. As announced at the first paragraph, is not this aspect that I intend to follow. In fact, obvious approaches are neither applicable here in the A, b.

The first one I see is the retro style (or vintage).

Retro Style: Characteristics And Personality

Girls retro style are the ones that usually are inspired not only in female attire from the first decades of the 20th century until the years 60 and 70, as well as their references on aesthetics, art, and technology. See past an exciting world whose repertoire, in your opinion, fits perfectly to your present concerns, opinions and needs. Some are garimpadoras taken from thrift stores or Grandma’s wardrobe, while others don’t save emotion and when resources are reading “modísticas” emblematic of past decades. The fact is that being they retro or vintage, suffer both from what we might call “nostalgia fashionística”.

Her wardrobe consists of a patchwork of parts/cuts/prints strongly dated: stroll through the fringes, art decojewellery and fluid dresses of waist loose the years 20:30; short trousers just silhouettes, shoes, turtleneck and beret of 50 years; at the waist and flared skirt derived from the new-look; the Trapeze dress, mini skirt and boots of 60 years; as well as by the wide pants, fringed suede parts and handmade clothes of years 70.

Retro Style-Inspiration: Zooey Deschanel

To illustrate today’s post, I chose actress/singer Zooey Deschanel, who often brings some compositions with pieces inspired in past decades, adjusting them to your juvenile way and dolly.

1) in the first photo (from the beginning of 2014, in launching your clothing line in partnership with Tommy Hifilger) the dress back a completely different concept: resembles the mini models as the years 60 and geometrical used mostly by young people of the Mod movement in England. The pattern is also simple and geometrized, low-rise, transfixed, the skirt sleeveless blouse and a peter pan collar. Sessentistas influences pass through the sieve, which softens the Trapeze models very straight and short, giving a smooth waist to modeling and opting for letting him also more elongated. The pocket with just a button gives a free end to the piece.

2) in the second (2013, at the FOX all-star party), the girl uses a flowered dress from natural waist marked with the help of a varnish belt with lace detail, flared skirt and bodice with sleeveless jewel neckline. Here inspiration in new look and 50 years is evident. The black shoe round nozzle strengthens the influence of the fashion of the time on the look.

3) in the third photo (on the Golden Globes award that year), finally, we find references of a third decade: 30 years. Again we see the play set in the natural waistline, marked with more smoothness, while the length down to just above the ankle in front, leaving the insteps. Ago, descends beyond, covering also the shoes.Back skirt cut in evasê and is made in a tulle filled with precious stones, which resemble much the glamor of the 30. Already the shirt dress, also in precious stones, seems to be a retelling of boleros, very ornate, too.Finally, she holds her hair in a bun on the side of a fabric flower together, and wear shoes and bag in colors similar to the piece.

As for the makeup, Zooey part for a more romanticized style and breakfast at Tiffany’s and appreciates well crafted and blush pink skin marked. Your eyes are always with false eyelashes and eyeliner, but nothing that comes close to the strength of the outlined the years 60. In the first photo, she wears a headband with bow, leaving even more juvenile; in the second, opts for hair pulled aside, resembling the hairstyle inspired by the 30 years the Golden Globes; in the third, a more casual picture, she appears with the natural hair, which back a cut much like the French actresses of the ‘ 60; and on Wednesday, she reinforces that idea using the bump it, the volume on top that reminds me of the iconic Brigitte Bardot hairdos.

I particularly love the garments with fashion influences of other eras. Part of it I can find in the site Mod Cloth, and you have any tips?

Notes: the sites that were used as a reference for this article were the fashion history and the Fashionatto.

Creative Style: Characteristics And Personality

You know that beautiful woman who smiles and greets everyone wherever he goes, has various skills (speak 4 languages, kitchen, draws well, play guitar etc.) and frequents places – amazing – you or was there? So are the women of creative style: interesting, fun, confident, extremely popular and that, Furthermore, inspire everyone with their combinations right, however unusual.

His imagination seems to have no limits: metallized legging jeans with cowboy boots, Leopard dress and oxford, fluorescent multicolored handcrafts and sober tailoring parts. In short: opt for overlays, patterns, shapes and textures. Dress up seems to be nothing more than another way to create, experiment and enjoy life, and to this end, they have good humor and willingness to spare.

Creative Style-Inspiration: Betty Autier

I think honestly, there’s nobody better than Betty Autier ( blog Le blog de Betty) to illustrate this way fun and eccentric that almost any woman who embodies the creative style seems to have.

1) already in the first image above, the girl goes beyond all my hypothetical compositions and mixes a sequined vest pink, a blouse wide cropped, a short leather with elastic waistband and, to finish, a stiletto boot. Someone more risk out of home like this?

2) the look of the second photo appears to be simple and easy to use in the eyes of a “lay person”, but I ask you to watch. The girl does not mark any turns or lean body part, is composed basically by a pair of jeans with rips loose silhouette and knee and light wash and a jacket too clear and wide wash. The hair up and folded pants bar help leave the combination more lean and elegant, while the low shoe and bag, both of dark color, are responsible for creating a contrast and help balance the composition.

3) already in the third photo, Betty combines naturally a piece of clothing that you hardly see in Brazil with more than 12 years of age: the jeans! I say naturally, because the piece looks adorable and perfectly suitable for the body, age and occasion in which it was used. In look, Betty also invests in a classical-inspired t-shirt navy blue bag, mirrored glasses and pink espadrilles.

Finally, the four images above show some details, like the hairstyles and accessories that the Lady uses to complete their looks. In the first photo, she wears a bun donut made well on top, but whose austere air or formal is softened by the loose fringe and beyond.

On Monday, she completes the look with a heart-shaped lenses, while the third uses a kind of Russian fur hat and the fourth, metal handmade earrings and beads. Everything seems to be chosen and used with great discretion and the makeup remains incredibly natural – very rarity she appears very marked outlines or vibrant lipsticks and/or dark.

In conclusion, a beautiful and it certainly says a lot about the bold personality of the girl.

I hope you enjoyed it! And the article was first published on the website of simplyyellowpages.