Style: 10 Innovative Wallpapers

Whether in the dining room or in the living room, the wallpapers have a function of the most important within the ambience decoration project.More than a complement, the wallpaper acts as a protagonist, bringing personality, style and sophistication to the environment, offering a variety of aesthetic and narrative possibilities.A wallpaper can tell a story, open doors to a universe completely different from the one we are in and offer new avenues for creativity and imagination.

In this article, homify presents 10 wall-paper designs for your room, from the most traditional, with specific patterns and styles, such as the most daring and modern, capable of accelerating the breath of anyone.

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The charm of a brick wall is undeniable. In some cases, however, it is not possible to work with this material in the traditional way as you would like. In these hours, to leave your room the way you want, nothing better than a wallpaper that mimics the texture of the brick. In this wallpaper of the specialized london I Want Wallpaper , we have the bricks in red color, but this can be chosen according to the desire of the client.Do you think gray tiles look better in your living room?It’s your choice according to healthvv.


The blue and neutral tones mark this space that brim with elegance and style.The metal structures in the windows and doors have an undeniable traditional appeal, in contrast to the armchairs and modernist bias luminaries.The living room wallpaper has a pattern that reminds us, at times, of the keys of a piano.Nothing better suited for a space that looks like New York from the 1930s, with a hint of jazz and sophistication.

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Blue background

Here the wallpaper makes all the difference.The room has an almost minimalist style, with the table occupying the central space with elegance.The base of the table has a modern and bold design, superimposed on a metal base that reflects the ambient lights.The wallpaper, in turn, brings a floral theme on a blue background, creating a feeling of freshness and joviality, almost a frame for the beautiful piece of art that dominates the environment.


Here we have another room that benefits from floral wallpaper to bring an air of lightness and softness to the environment .The light tones of the decor, present on the sofas, the floor, the carpets and the pouf, establish a climate of comfort and warmth.The wallpaper of the room, with flowers on a white background, enhances the climate.Notice how the side wall also has a wallpaper of neutral tones and almost flat pattern, creating a curious and interesting contrast.


With clear industrial inspiration, this room uses wallpaper to create a completely new environment.The wooden floor, the gray sofas and the tables of modern design establish a unique eclecticism for this room.The wallpaper dominates the main wall, with an image that refers to gigantic semi-destroyed archives of some abandoned partition.This is a very bold proposal, when bringing to the room a wallpaper that seems to want to translate more the personality of the people who live here than to be aesthetically beautiful.


For a modern and daring room, nothing better than a wallpaper that matches this proposal.Working with a print that reproduces one of the most well-known illusions of optics, this wallpaper brings a sense of movement together with a certain uneasiness and a curious imbalance in its proposal.The neutral tones of the wallpaper contrast with the red tones of the furniture – especially the red chair with avant-garde appearance – and the lamps.The white table next to the wall seems to break the illusion somewhat, giving the room some stability.

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Here we have another wallpaper that transports the room to another environment.One of the most interesting uses of wallpaper is exactly this: to bring into your room images, memories, places that exist or existed and that speak directly to our affective memory.In this case, the wallpaper resembles a warehouse from the early 20th century, an image of industrial appeal and nostalgic accuracy.The sepia tone of the photograph adds a layer of charm and style to the ambience, which is complemented by the tables covered in white patina and lilac flowers in the vases.


In addition to bringing memories and memories of distant environments and locations, the wallpaper can also have the function of enlarging the space of your room.Here we have the example of a wallpaper whose function seems to be to extend the dining room.Notice how the photograph used works with the same angles of the dining room, creating the perfect illusion of continuity.Black and white photography seems to bring an old structure, which creates a contrast of the most interesting to this industrial bias studio.The most charming detail of this room goes to the red refrigerator of vintage inspiration.


Another room that breathes stripping. The finish in concrete, wires and pipes in sight establish a climate of creativity and relaxation. The beige tones sofa brings a stylized design bordering minimalism. But the touch of charm comes even with the brilliant wallpaper that reproduces a sketch – an initial, basic design of an interior decoration project – of what can be a warehouse or a confectionery shop.By putting just a few color elements in the art of wallpaper, you create the feeling of work to be done, of projects to be developed.A room that inspires creation!


The room has an undeniable touch of style in its modern lines and in the decoration of few – but efficient – elements.The light that comes softly and diffusely through the window gives a tone of warmth and security.But make no mistake!This room is full of secrets of the most interesting.We begin with the luminary whose shape resembles a grouping of stained glass in orange.Soon after, we noticed the wallpaper.They are not just orange elements against a purple background, but hundreds of shapes that move and reduce their size toward a common point.The sense of movement and dynamism is inevitable.It’s wonderful!