Straw Hats

Straw hats are one of the must of the summer, and protect your hair, eyes and skin from the sun get a very flattering hippy air to cope with high temperatures. But to make you feel great you must choose the model that best suits you according to your face shape: type bowler hat, cowboy, borsalino, pamela …

Tips for Choosing hat as your face
  • If you have a square face, choose a straw hat brimmed and curved.
  • If your face is round you will estilizará a straw hat with a high crown (to lengthen the face) and small wing (narrow face) of more angular cut. For example , a borsalino or cowgirl hats worn slightly tilted. Avoid low cup hats flatten your face even more.
  • If your face is elongated chooses a straw hat low crown oblate (not to lengthen the face more) and wide -brimmed (widen the face). Avoid high crown hats and square tapering als factions.
  • If you face heart (wide forehead and chin pronounced) acertarás a straw hat with long wings and falls to the level of the jaw that visually rellenerá the chin area. A bell hat or “Cloche” is another good option.

Caution If you are short but a love for the big straw hats wide – brimmed pamela type, do not favor as you make it seem even more tiny. Yours are hats middle cup (not too flat) and short wing.