Stillus 4G MP20 Cell Phone With TV, Wi-Fi and GPS

Learn all about this dual-chip mobile handset who has GPS, TV and Wi-Fi. The MP20 Stillus 4Glooks a lot like an iPhone. Different mainly in price and operating system, of course. Considering the nontraditional brand appliances, this MP20 even has a configuration to make the rich cousins ​​jealous.

Stillus 4G MP20 Cell Phone With TV, Wi-Fi and GPS

Stillus 4G MP20 Cell Phone

The Stillus 4G MP20 is quadband, with touchscreen, allows 2 chips, has Wi-Fi coness, GPS navigator and FM radio. In addition, it plays MP3 and MP4 files. In most stores where it is sold, a 2GB card is included, the model’s accept up to 4GB cards. The Stillus 4G MP20 is sold in black and white colors.

One of the differences of this device compared to others of the same price range is the large screen size, with 3.3 inches. No doubt it is good for viewing videos and viewing in general, especially GPS, but the battery suffers from this, lasting only 80 to 100 minutes in conversation.

It is a very simple device and like all “good” xing ling , offers the maximum of resources for the lowest price possible. Quality is also very questionable.

The MP20 Stillus 4G also receives analog TV signal and allows connection to the internet through GPRS and WAP networks.

The 2 MP20 Stillus 4G t cameras at 3MP allow for video recording with audio, with full-screen video playback.

This is complete, huh? And costing around 300 reais, it’s still a lot cheaper than branded phones! Do you like generic phones like this? There are a lot of people who buy and are extremely satisfied. Leave your opinion. Does it pay or not?