Statement Of The Gravidinha Client Deborah Albuquerque About Maternity Fashion Store

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No one better than our own pregnant clients to tell the other pregnant women independently what they thought of the fashion store of pregnant Zazou.

By this we are happy and when we see them posting pictures in your instas, writing on their blogs, as was the recent case of the beautiful and cool journalist Deborah Albuquerque, 5 months pregnant, who was recently visiting the store from Zazou in São Paulo, andmade a pretty cool post counting this your experience and I found it in your column that writes weekly in the Gazette:

We’re happy that she liked and left satisfied and well dressed. Important because this word-of-mouth, is the secret of success of the Zazou in these almost 15 years of existence in this specific market segment and specialized in pregnant women.

Many pregnant women like her, still afraid to come into a store specializing in maternity fashion, thinking they’re not going to find something cool, and most is how she surprised by what they find in practice, especially after that experience, and realize the body the advantages of our own specialized modeling. Not to mention the personalized service and differentiated that we give to all our customers, regardless of who they are and how much they’re going to buy all are treated very well at our store.