Square Enix Releases Crystal Defenders on Android

While Epic Games valued program for Android it seems that Square Enix sees so many problems. Yesterday announced the official launch of Crystal Defenders in the Android Market at a price of $7 (about 5.25 euros) and requires Android 2.1 or higher.

Square Enix opens Android bringing us one of their most popular IOS games. In Crystal Defenders we are faced a defensive strategy game, sure you will like the lovers of this style of game, and fans of the Final Fantasy franchise. Making use of the same professions seen in Final Fantasy Tactics A2, such as wizards, archers, soldiers, etc., we defend ourselves from the attacks of the hordes enemy to prevent the theft of the crystals.

This iOS game already has with its sequel, Crystal Defenders: Vanguard Storm, at a price of € 3.99, with what we believe that Square Enix has no right to choose the price of the original title in Android. Let us hope that more companies are encouraged to get their titles on Android, but that that not two sold them us as more expensive than the competition.