Sportswear Ellesse

Sportswear Ellesse

The Ellese is the largest chain of sporting goods stores of Latin America, is known for innovation in technology and sports models turning the sport into a higher category than the mere fact of exercising, but to be in fashion and dress well with comfort and quality of the s its products. The Ellesse is an Italian brand that conquered the elite in sports with their products that attach to sports fashion, the final play sports is synonymous with life and health and why don’t you dress up to play sports? The famous brands also sponsor the sport and joined the Ellesse so that the world could keep up with the most famous athletes in their sports with taste the dressing. The Ellesse is a company that operates in more than 160 countries including in Brazil is of Italian origin and was founded on 19 June 1959 and still maintaining your originality and expertise in manufacturing of its sporting goods, why it’s so famous and still send the very ordered.

Who uses the Ellesse clothes?

All the sports and sports fanatics and they like the brand, there is no priority, because anyone can use the sports products from Ellesse for sale on the market online our site or at the store closer to your town. The models of the sportswear combine with any person and for those who like to use sporting goods in daily life also has the exclusive collection, there are many models created to please all people. The sporting goods of Ellesse are:

  • Tennis
  • Jackets
  • Bermuda
  • T-shirts
  • Bathing suits for swimming

About the clothes

The sportswear Ellesse are made of sports material that allow perspiration and fabrics that do not stain with the chlorine of the swimming pools as the swimsuits. The brazilian collection includes clothes for fintes made especially for women and attitude. It also has the casual fashion created for those who do not play sports, but likes to be fashionable can enjoy the costumes for their hours. Made of natural fibers, fabrics are lighter and advanced design is synonymous with the sports fashion of Ellesse that comes to Brazil with the best in your collection.